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Prices of 23 types of heart rings reduced

  • New list includes stents priced from Tk14,000 to Tk1,40,500
  • Cost reduced by up to 40-45%
Update : 03 Apr 2024, 03:47 PM

The prices of 23 types of stents or rings used in the treatment of heart disease in Bangladesh have been reduced.

The Directorate General of Drug Administration published a press release signed by the director (Administration) of the directorate on Tuesday.

According to the notification, the director general of the Department of Drug Administration held a discussion with European and other countries' heart ring (stent) manufacturing companies and interventional cardiologists in Bangladesh through which the prices of stents of different companies have been reduced.

It can be seen there that the price of Poland-made Alex Plus brand stent has been reduced from Tk80,000 to Tk60,000, Alex brand stent has been reduced from Tk62,922 to Tk60,000, the price of Abaris brand stent has been reduced from Tk61,921  to Tk60,000.

Apart from this, the price of German Coroflex ISAR brand stent has been reduced from Tk59,119 to Tk53,000, the price of Coroflex ISAR neo brand stent has been reduced from Tk73,126 to Tk55,000, the price of Xlimus brand stent has been reduced from Tk60,000 to Tk58,000.

According to the decision of the Directorate General of Drug Administration, Switzerland's Orsiro brand stent will be sold at Tk63,000 instead of Tk76,000 and the price of Orsiro Mission will be reduced from Tk81,000 to Tk68,000.

The Directorate General of Drug Administration has decided to reduce the price of South Korea's Genoss DES brand stents from Tk65,500 to Tk56,000, the price of Spain's Ivascular Angiolite has been reduced from Tk87,000 to Tk62,000, the price of Japan's Ultimaster has been reduced from Tk83,200 to Tk66,000, and the price of Abluminus DES Plus stents in the Netherlands has been reduced to Tk66,000.

The directorate has also reduced the price of stents made in India. Metaphor brand stent from Tk48,000 to Tk40,000, Evermine Fifty brand stent from Tk95,500 to Tk50,000, BioMime Morph from Tk95,500 to Tk50,000, BioMime stent from Tk65,595 to Tk45,000.

In the US, the price of Affinity-MS Mini has been reduced from Tk91,000 to Tk60,000, the price of direct-stent Ciro has been reduced from Tk96,732 to Tk66,000 and the price of direct-stent has been reduced from Tk33,592 to Tk30,000.

Singapore-made Biomatrix Neoflex ring has been reduced from Tk76,000 to Tk60,000, Biomatrix Alpha has been reduced from Tk86,036 to Tk66,000 and BioFreedom has been reduced from Tk1,21,600 to Tk68,000.

Earlier in October 2023, the directorate reduced the prices of three types of stents in two US companies. Then the base price of the “Resolute Integrity” type stent was reduced from $880 to $500, the price of Resolute Onyx was reduced from $1,150 to $900 and the price of Onyx trocar was determined to be $450.

Then on December 12, the directorate fixed the prices of some other types of stents which was effective from December 16.

The new list also includes stents priced from a minimum of Tk14,000 to a maximum of Tk1,40,500. This reduces the cost of stents by up to 40-45% depending on the type.

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