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Experts: Support mental health at work

One's mental health has a direct impact on their work performance, productivity, retention, and overall lifestyle, experts say

Update : 30 Sep 2021, 02:06 PM

Experts have recently shed light on the importance of mental health in the workplace and how businesses can play a critical part in establishing strong mental health policies.

The policies will not only safeguard their employees, but also benefit society as a whole, said the experts during the second installment of a series of webinars on September 17, organized by Sajida Foundation with Dhaka Tribune as the media partner. 

The panelists of the webinar on "Organizational Mental Health" were - Wiebke Welgemoed, chief operating officer at ICAS International, Md Salim assistant professor of Psychology at the University of Dhaka, Kazi Mustafizur Rahman, PHWC's chief operating officer, and Dr Ashique Selim, Sajida's Mental Health Program lead.

Many people avoid seeking help when they need it because of stigma, fear of judgment, and concerns about their professional prospects, said the panelists.

This can be an expensive process for everyone, but it should not be avoided because one's mental health has a direct impact on their work performance, productivity, retention, and overall lifestyle, they added.

Through this webinar Sajida Foundation wants to create a platform for having open conversations on this topic within the community.

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They wish to support the development of organizations that promote and recognize mental health awareness and its relationship in the organizations that they are involved in.

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