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Government to ban battery-run rickshaws, vans

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan made the announcement on Sunday

Update : 20 Jun 2021, 05:54 PM

The government has decided to ban battery-run rickshaws and vans.

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan said on Sunday they have also decided to cut the number of electric auto-rickshaws, locally known as easy bikes, plying on highways and roads across the country.

Speaking to the media after a meeting of the road safety taskforce, the minister described the locally-assembled and modified vehicles as “very risky”.

The high-powered panel had earlier made 111 recommendations to the government to stop accidents and bring discipline to the transport sector. Banning batter-run passenger vehicles was among the suggestions.

“We have noticed that battery-operated motorized rickshaws and vans are freely plying on the roads across the country. 

“These vehicles lack a proper braking system as only the front wheel has brakes. The rear wheels have no brakes or even if there are any, the system is inadequate,” said Khan.

According to him, these vehicles frequently overturn while trying to break.

“That’s why we have decided to ban these battery-run vehicles [rickshaws and vans],” he said before adding that conventional paddle rickshaws or vans were not a problem.

Responding to a query, Khan, who heads the taskforce, said that road accidents are taking place due to the easy bikes and locally-modified motorized vehicles, including ‘Nasimons’ and ‘Karimons’. 

“These vehicles are plying in different cities and this is a concern for the government,” he said.

Rural areas now have beautifully constructed roads, but there’s a lack of proper transportation for the locals, said the home minister.

“They are either forced to walk or the choice is limited to bicycles, motorcycles, and rickshaws,” he said before adding that was the reason behind the emergence of locally-modified vehicles.

According to police, at least 13,000 illegal motor-run rickshaws and vans have been destroyed so far.

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