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Hajj registration refund applicable after July 12

If the cost of the Hajj package increases or decreases in 2021, it would be adjusted with the current amount deposited

Update : 24 Jun 2020, 05:21 PM

Hajj pilgrims who had intended to perform Hajj under government or private management and deposited registration money can apply for a refund after July 12.

In this case, no service charge will be deducted, said the Religious Ministry Affairs of Bangladesh.

The decision was taken at a virtual meeting between the ministry officials and representatives of the Hajj Agencies Association of Bangladesh (HAAB) on Wednesday afternoon.

The meeting was chaired by Religious Affairs Secretary Nurul Islam, confirmed Mohammad Anwar Hossain, Religious Affairs Ministry’s senior public relations officer.

“We will be developing a software for the refund process,” he added.

The ministry also announced that pre-registrations and registrations for Hajj made this year, will be effective as pre-registration and registration of 2021 (1442 Hizri) as well.

Anwar said: “Those who have registered this year can go for Hajj next year if they wish to and if they want to withdraw their registration fees they can do that as well.”

Also, if the cost of the Hajj package increases or decreases in 2021, it will be adjusted. 

As per the decisions taken in the online meeting:

* Those who have completed pre-registration and registration this year will be given priority in next year’s Hajj 

* If the cost of Hajj package increases or decreases in 2021, it will be adjusted to the deposited fees by the pilgrims

* If a pilgrim withdraws the money paid as registration fee, his/her registration will be cancelled and he/she will have to re-register or register for going to Hajj in the future 

* Pilgrims who want to withdraw registration money must apply to the Religious Affairs Ministry online 

* Those who registered through private entities will have to apply online through the concerned agency and then the ministry will approve the refund 

According to the HAAB, a total of 137,198 Bangladeshis got permission from the Saudi government to perform Hajj this year.

However, only around 65,000 people registered due to the coronavirus panic.

People who registered with the government had to deposit Tk360,000, and those who registered with private agencies deposited Tk180,000 as registration fee.

M Shahadat Hossain Taslim, the president of HAAB, told Dhaka Tribune we hope the Saudi government will allow Hajj pilgrims from our country next year based on the demand.

“Hajj pilgrims should not be worried about their registration fees as they are safe in a blocked account in a bank designated by the government. Those who are already registered will be given priority next year,” he added.

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