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Hungary keen to hire RNPP engineers for its nuclear power plants

  • Hungary is building two new power plants
  • Russia assisting Hungary in their construction
Update : 12 Mar 2024, 12:19 PM

Hungary wants to hire engineers and workers who have worked on the construction of the Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant, as the European country is building two new nuclear power plants with Russian assistance.

Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó recently made a request to Foreign Minister Hasan Mahmud in this regard. 

A diplomat, seeking anonymity, said: "Hungary is interested in hiring skilled engineers and workers who have worked on Bangladesh's nuclear power plant. The matter was raised during a discussion between the two countries' foreign ministers."

Hungary is constructing two new nuclear power plants and is interested in hiring workers from Bangladesh because they use Russian technology, as explained by the diplomat.

When asked about Bangladesh's position, the diplomat said: "After the completion of the Rooppur project, there is no problem in sending skilled people abroad."

Notably, Bangladesh's nuclear power plant is being built with Russia's cooperation, involving thousands of Bangladeshi engineers and workers. Specialized knowledge is required to construct nuclear power plants, and the engineers and workers are exceptionally skilled.

Economic cooperation

Hungary wants to sign an agreement to avoid double taxation and investment protection agreements with Bangladesh to increase economic cooperation.

An official, without disclosing their name, said: "Due to its increased economic capability, Hungary is interested in Bangladesh and wants two preliminary agreements."

Another official said: "Bangladesh will receive GSP benefits in the European Union until 2029. Afterwards, Bangladesh will need to negotiate with the EU for GSP+ benefits. Hungary, being an EU member, has assured of support in obtaining GSP+ benefits for us."

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