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EC Alamgir: Commission not concerned with voter turnout

  • No specific rules or restrictions regarding percentage of votes required
  • Absence of preferred candidates and natural calamities
Update : 20 May 2024, 04:58 PM

Election Commissioner (EC) Md Alamgir said that the Election Commission is not concerned about voter turnout percentages.

He emphasized that there are no specific rules or restrictions regarding the percentage of votes required for elections, whether national or local, to be accepted.

He made these remarks in response to questions from journalists at the Election Commission building on Monday.

EC Alamgir said: “Voters are willing to vote. They will come to the centres. The low voter turnout is due to the paddy harvesting season and adverse weather conditions.”

He added: "The turnout is not a matter of trust or distrust in the Election Commission. It is low due to the absence of preferred candidates and natural calamities. However, the EC is not responsible for the percentage of voter turnout to make the election satisfactory."

When asked if he considered the second phase of voting and low voter participation a challenge, Alamgir responded: "A large number of law enforcement personnel have been deployed to ensure the second phase of voting can be conducted smoothly, just as we did in the first phase. Tomorrow’s (Tuesday) election will be no different. The commission’s duty is to keep the elections peaceful, and there is no lack of sincerity on our part. Voter turnout is declining worldwide for various reasons, including the absence of appealing candidates."

He further commented: "The BNP is distributing leaflets urging a boycott of the vote, which is their political right. However, if there is any violence, the returning officer will take action. It is incorrect to say there is no confidence in the commission; we always work peacefully and impartially without bias towards anyone."

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