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China says January 7 election a milestone in Bangladesh’s democracy

  • China accused the West of meddling into the internal affairs of Bangladesh
  • Chinese envoy says Bangladesh will be stronger after the election
Update : 04 Jan 2024, 06:54 PM

Chinese Ambassador in Dhaka Yao Wen on Thursday said the January 7 elections would be a milestone in the democratic process of Bangladesh.

“We hope that it will be held successfully,” he said, adding that: “It will be a milestone for the democratic process of Bangladesh.”

The ambassador was replying to a question after attending a briefing by the Bangladesh Election Commission on the preparations of the 12th parliamentary elections.

The Western world is closely monitoring the elections following a boycott by a major opposition party BNP.

China, however, accused the West of meddling into the internal affairs of Bangladesh.

“Elections for all countries are internal, and our policy is very clear. We hope the elections will be conducted as per the constitution, and we do hope after the election there will be stability, life will return to normal and our cooperation will continue,” the ambassador said in an event in November. 

On Thursday, he hoped that Bangladesh will be “stronger, more resilient and more united after the election”.

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