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CEC: Millions of errors in national identity cards

The general secretary of Communist Party of Bangladesh raised the issue of harassment in the NID amendment during a dialogue with the CEC

Update : 19 Jul 2022, 09:49 PM

Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Kazi Habibul Awal on Tuesday claimed that there are millions of errors in the National Identity Cards (NID) of the countrymen. 

“But we are trying to fix it,” he said during a dialogue organized with the Communist Party of Bangladesh in the afternoon.

General secretary of the party, Dilip Barua, raised the issue of harassment in the NID amendment. 

In response, the CEC said that the amount of mistakes has gone too far.

“I personally have corrected 40-50 errors of my friends’ NIDs. However, I admit that the process is lengthy. The Covid pandemic mainly caused the delays as the offices were shut down,” he added.

Habibul further said: “From our side, we have to focus on election work. Again the work of registering political parties has fallen on us. Constitutionally, the responsibility is given by law. 

“Then NID, which is a huge undertaking, is now again being worked on to update the voter list.”

At that time, NID Director General AKM Humayun Kabir said: "Many deliberate but unintentional mistakes were made in NIDs. It would be beneficial if everyone had an education certificate. However, we are trying to follow the instructions of the commission.”

The chief election commissioner, four election commissioners and senior officials of the EC were present in the dialogue along with other leaders of the party.

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