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Dr Kamal: Oikya Front to remain in election race until end, achieve victory

'Perpetrators will leave if you go to the polling centers'

Update : 04 Dec 2023, 10:18 AM

Jatiya Oikya Front will remain in the election race until the last moment and will achieve victory if voters can fearlessly cast votes without resistance in a peaceful environment.

Oikya Front leader Dr Kamal Hossain said this in a press conference at the Dhaka Reporters Unity (DRU) on Saturday and urged voters to cast their vote in time without any fear. 

He told voters to march towards polling booths courageously so that perpetrators will not dare to stop them from voting.

“Perpetrators will leave if you go to the polling centers,” Dr Kamal said.  

The government would not be able to materialize its “evil design” if you remain united.

To the youth Dr Kamal said “If you panic you will be over, if you are brave you are Bangladeshi”

Dr Kamal said Oikya Front will never give up the election race. They will stay in the polls untilthe end.

While briefing foreign media in other press conferences Dr Kamal said “If there is violence, if there is vote rigging and election is engineered, we will sit in a high level meeting and will decide our next step, Dr Kamal said, “There are many ways including reelection.” “We will remain in the field to ensure our victory." 

“The election commission in Bangladesh is anything but independent. The entire election machinery including administrators, police and magistracy has been totally politicized by the government along with inducements to keep them loyal,” Kamal said. 

He urged law enforcers including the Armed forces, Navy, Police, RAB, BGB, Ansar, VDP, TDP, and Coast Guard to be aware of the goodwill they accomplished over peace keeping missions and acts in accordance to their past records.

He called upon the presiding and polling officers, election commission officials, returning officers not to hijack others right. He told them to keep in mind, that some others will hijack the right of their mother, father, wife and child if they do so.

He said to government officials that “You do not belong to any particular party, you are public servants. The people are the owners of the country. Do not deprive the owners, do not obey illegal orders.”  

“We have no division in the Oikya Front and we are more united now than any other time before,” he said.

Kamal informed foreign journalists about the wide spread arrests, assault and torture on the opposition activists.

Dr Kamal said, almost half of the constituencies of the Oikya Front contestants have been attacked by the Awami League and police at different places. 

A total of 1,574 cases have been filed against the Jatiya Oikya Front leaders and activists between November 8 and December 25. In those cases 1,25,688 were named and 1,05,675 were unnamed accused. 15,568 opposition men were arrested. More than 2, 833 attacks were carried out by the ruling party men and police. Nine opposition men were killed and 12,923 others injured during the incidents.

Kamal said, “Bangladesh never experienced such a violent election scenario. While some may consider this election as an inclusive and participatory one but the electioneering is totally marred by violence against the opposition.”

He further said the candidacy of 17 candidates was cancelled by court. Seven candidates have been arrested since November 8. Ten more Jatiya Oikya Front candidates are languishing in jail.  

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