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Shohag overcomes hunger to score GPA 5

Update : 30 Dec 2013, 07:47 PM

“Most of the days we did not have any food at home, and my son had to go to school without having anything. I could not provide my son with good food or clothes. I cannot make anyone understand, how painful it is for a mother. I begged for food from nearby houses and fed my sons. Some days, we all starved and cried as we could not manage anything,” explained Shirin Begum, embracing her elder son Ibrahim Hossain Shohag, who overturned the plight of poverty to earn GPA-5 in yesterday’s published Primary School Certificate (PSC) examination results.

Getting the news of his result, Shohag rushed to his mother, who works as house help. His father Mir Hosain is a day labourer, who cannot work daily because of his illness.

Shohag’s family home does not have a kitchen, her mother cooks at others’ kitchen, where she works, if they can manage food. Shirin had always felt ashamed as a result.

However, Shohag’s extraordinary result has given her a reason to forget all suffering and miseries. She hoped her son would do better in the future and make their dreams come true.

“We two (Sohag’s parents) could not cross the boundary of class V. Nowadays it is hard to live well without being educated. I will make my son educated, and I took that oath on the very day Sohag was admitted to the school,” she said.

When asked, Shohag, with a smile on his face, said: “I will be a doctor.”

“I usually hear from other guardians that their children do not eat, and they have to run after their children to feed them. It saddens me to think of Shohag when I hear these stories. I can do nothing but sigh,” said Manik Bhoumik, principal of Shohag’s school, Sunrise Kindergarten.

“Shohag is a talented boy. Apart from PSC, he took part in many private scholarship exams and achieved them in talent-pools,” said Manik.

Meanwhile, Shohag’s mother was anxious about her son’s student life.

She said: “I am very happy with his result. But I feel afraid when I think about the future of his studies.”

Manik urged wealthy individuals in the society to give a helping hand, so Sohag can continue his studies.

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