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JU students protest tree felling, filling of water bodies

Students demand a master plan before carrying out the construction of new buildings to protect the campus's biodiversity


Update : 30 May 2024, 12:12 AM

The students of Jahangirnagar University in Savar held a human chain on Wednesday, demanding a master plan before carrying out the construction of new buildings to protect the campus's biodiversity.

The program was held on the road adjacent to the Central Shaheed Minar yesterday. Samia Sohagi, a student in the Department of Drama and Dramatics, led the human chain of students from various departments.

The students expressed dissatisfaction over the construction of a couple of buildings on the campus by felling trees and filling a water body.

Ahsan Labeeb, a student of the Department of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, said: "The university administration has felled trees at the Sundarban [a popular spot on campus] for the construction of the IBA building and laid the foundation stone there. However, despite the removal of trees, the university administration was unable to proceed with the construction due to our protest.

He alleged that the flying zone of the migratory birds will be destroyed through the construction of a multi-storey building in the extended part of the Department of Fine Arts. 

Touhid Mohammad Siam, a student of the Department of International Relations, said: "When we try to obstruct the construction of a building, which is being done through cutting down trees and destroying biodiversity, the administration says that the fund will go back to the source it came from if the building is not built. Is it a university or a business institution?”

He protested the Indian High Commission’s funding for the construction of a multi-storey building. “We have requested the administration construct buildings in the abandoned areas. We strongly demand that buildings cannot be constructed by cutting down trees and filling water bodies.”

Omar Farooq, a student in the English department, said that because of the buildings that are currently spread all over the campus, one will only see the brick walls. They are destroying the university by constructing buildings without a master plan.

Md Emon from the Department of Plant Sciences said the students do not want classrooms at the cost of nature. The administration is wasting public money and working without a plan, he added.

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