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Heat-related illness prevention: AIUB, BCB organize workshop

  • Session made interactive due to presence of cricketers, coaches, sports physicians
  • Keynote speaker spoke on risk factors of heat illness
Update : 05 May 2024, 08:27 PM

The Department of Public Health of American International University–Bangladesh (AIUB) and Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) jointly organized a workshop titled Heat Illness Prevention and Management on Sunday.

The speakers at the workshop were Dr Muhammad Wasif Alam, faculty member and head of the Public Health Department at AIUB, along with Dr Debashis Chowdhury, physician at the BCB.

The chief guest was Professor Dr Md Abdur Rahman, pro vice-chancellor of AIUB.

The session was made interactive due to the presence of cricketers, coaches, sports physicians, physiotherapists, and nutritionists.

Khushi, an artist from the Mass and Media Communication Dept of AIUB, played the role of a patient with heat exhaustion, on stage, which allowed the audience to practically engage in managing the illness and “know how” in recovering the patient.

The keynote speaker spoke on the risk factors of heat illness, its signs and symptoms, acclimatization of heat exposure, the importance of humidity in the air along with ambient air temperature, usage of proper shades and the criticality of drinking enough clean, cold water as the best prevention of heat illness.

Dr Alam further stressed the importance of restful sleep and a balanced diet avoiding greasy food, cola, and caffeinated drinks as they promote thirst and dehydration by increasing urination.

He further said that athletes need not drink expensive energy drinks because simple clean drinking cold water is all we need to prevent us from heat exhaustion and stroke.

Dr Wasif Alam said we should know the difference between heat exhaustion and stroke and how each of them presents differently and differs in their management which if delayed may cause death.

Dr Debasis added that athletes should regularly keep on drinking water throughout the day and not wait for being thirsty and avoid getting used to very low AC temp at home rather be acclimatized to the weather.

Prof Dr Md Abdur Rahman appreciated the collaboration of AIUB with the BCB in this educational health promotion event.

He said that AIUB has an MOU with the BCB which is a positive step in conducting future events and programs.

He pointed out the Dept of Public Health engaging in research on sports and health – an opportunity for both parties to promote health and prevention of diseases and injuries in our athletes.

Members of the BCB, National Curator of BCB M Gamini Silva, HR officials, together with some other faculties of AIUB also attended the closing ceremony.

A token of appreciation was shared between AIUB and the BCB for sharing their valuable time and insightful workshop during the heat surge in Bangladesh.

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