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Willes Little Flower principal wants expelled students to learn a lesson

Update : 27 Apr 2018, 06:58 PM
Authorities of Willes Little Flower School and College have recently expelled nine students. The forced transfer certificate (TC) was handed to them for breaking school rules. On Thursday, Principal Abul Hossain gave an interview to the reporter in his office at the school. He said: “This is a correction campaign to maintain the image of the school. We want the school to be rid of troublemakers. The principal was asked whether this decision is going to affect the students negatively. He said: “Students like this do not deserve to study anywhere. Rather, other students and guardians will learn a lesson from this and be more cautious in the future.
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“We will continue to take action against students who break the rules. We want to maintain discipline at the school.” However, he refused to give proof regarding the students allegedly breaking the rules that warranted forced expulsions. He also refused to give the contact numbers of the guardians of the nine students in question. When asked if the guardians have come to meet him after the TC notice was sent, he said: “Yes, and many of them said they will not be able to admit their children to other schools because the TC was forced. I told them I do not want their children studying anywhere and disturbing the educational environment of that institution.” The institution handed TCs to two students on April 23 and another seven were expelled on April 25.This article was first published on
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