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Travellers experience relatively light crowds at bus terminals

  • Many awaiting start of holidays
  • Many departed earlier
  • Some sent families ahead of time
Update : 07 Apr 2024, 06:07 PM

With the onset of the holy Eid-ul-Fitr, the exodus of homebound travellers commenced a few days ago.

However, city dwellers continue to linger in Dhaka, awaiting the start of the holidays.

Some have begun their journeys back home after securing leave. As the departure trend initiates days in advance, the usual congestion at bus terminals seems notably subdued. The bustling crowds typically seen just before Eid are notably absent this year.

Ticket vendors at various counters within the bus terminals noted the decrease in passenger numbers, attributed to sending their families ahead of time. However, they anticipate a surge in passengers once the holiday fervour peaks.

A visit to Dhaka's Gabtoli bus terminal from Sunday morning until noon revealed relatively empty counters. While ticket sellers remained attentive to incoming passengers, the terminal appeared notably tranquil, with travellers patiently awaiting departure after procuring their tickets.

Mainuddin, the counter manager of Sohag Paribahan, said: “Many had already departed between April 1 and 3.”

He anticipated a resurgence in passengers around the 8th and 9th of the month.

Similarly, Abdul Qayyum, the counter manager of Rabeya Paribahan, acknowledged the decrease in terminal congestion, echoing Mainuddin's observation that many travellers had sent their family members ahead of time.

Expressing concern over the lack of passengers, Shahriar Hossain Tipu, the counter manager of Gabtoli for Jamuna Line Paribahan, lamented the underutilization of buses due to diminished passenger numbers.

Roni from Golden Line Transportation highlighted the impact of recent changes such as the Padma Bridge on passenger volumes, leading to a decline in their usual clientele.

Al-Amin, the counter manager of Sakura Transport, said: “Passengers have shifted their travelling preferences towards routes with lower fares and travel times, such as those passing through Jatrabari via the Padma Bridge.”

Despite concerns from transportation providers, passengers expressed satisfaction with the tranquil atmosphere at the terminal. Ismail Haider, purchasing tickets from Sakura Paribahan, expressed relief at the quiet terminal, facilitating a comfortable journey for his family.

Almas Hossain, heading to Rajbari, appreciated the peaceful terminal environment, providing a hassle-free departure experience.

Another passenger, Saddam Hossain, expressed surprise at the emptiness of the terminal, praising the convenience it offered for his journey.

Hamida Begum, a school teacher en route to celebrate Eid with family, shared her anticipation of reuniting with loved ones. She expressed gratitude for the ease of ticket acquisition facilitated by the vacant counters.

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