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Dhaka Tribune

Bangladesh Railway aims to manage train delays during Eid rush

  • Trains with scheduling issues closely monitored
  • Officials from western region to Dhaka summoned
Update : 06 Apr 2024, 02:34 PM

Bangladesh Railway acting director general Sardar Shahadat Ali said that the railway authorities are making efforts to minimize train delays to a reasonable extent during the Eid journey.

He made these remarks while addressing questions from journalists during his visit to Dhaka Railway Station on Saturday.

He mentioned that trains with scheduling issues are being closely monitored on an hourly basis. Unless there are unforeseen circumstances, arrangements are in place to ensure punctuality for all trains with the current management resources.

"We have summoned officials from the western region to Dhaka to streamline operations between the western and eastern regions. While some delays may occur, we are striving to keep them within manageable limits," said Sardar.

Explaining further, Sardar acknowledged the challenges during train departures, citing various incidents along the route that might cause delays. However, he expressed confidence that considering all factors, significant disruptions to train schedules are not anticipated.

"In response to increased passenger demand, we have augmented the number of trains and are also adding extra coaches to accommodate the surge in travellers over the past three days," Sardar added.

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