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Stakeholders stress on innovative tech transfer

  • Over 50 participants took part
  • Innovative technologies ITTI developed over 4yrs
Update : 08 Feb 2024, 06:52 PM

Scientists, academics and industry leaders urged at a city event on Thursday for establishing greater collaboration among all stakeholders to unleash immense potential of innovative technology transfer from laboratories to industries.

Over 50 participants took part in a stakeholders meet at Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (BCSIR), popularly known as Science Lab, where it’s Institute of Technology Transfer and Innovation (ITTI) showcased a good many number of innovative technologies that the ITTI has developed over the past four years.

ITTI head Md Rezaul Karim spoke of ITTI developed technologies, which include – re-circulating aquaculture systems (RAS) for fish, hydroponic grass for cattle milk production, nutrient-rich moringa powder, papaya leaf powder, and other herbals, safe and healthy fish drying and packaging technologies, and indoor fish hatchery technologies,

Dr Md Rakibul Hasan, a senior scientific officer of ITTI, BCSIR, gave a presentation on some of the most fascinating scientific innovation works that they have accomplished and also transferred some of those technologies to the private entrepreneurs for product development and marketing.  

The discussion titled - Innovation and Technology Transfer for Sustainable Industrial Development – was chaired by BCSIR Chairman Dr Md Aftab Ali Shaikh. Scientists, academics, researchers and industry representatives from joined the discussion and attached importance on more resource allocations for research and development and develop skilled human resources.  

Md Rezaul Karim said, the two main areas of ITTI inventions are controlled aquaculture fisheries and virus-free, high genetic stock hatcheries.

He said: “Incorrect drying and preservation techniques frequently ruin the development of novel and indigenous herbal and medicinal products. ITTI’s objectives are identifying and isolating the corresponding active herbal ingredients and developing nutraceutical-based products for human clinical and physiological studies.”

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