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Central Hospital claims patient admitted under Dr Sangjukta Saha

Mahbuba Akter Akhi died on Sunday, eight days after the death of her newborn allegedly due to wrong treatment

Update : 21 Jun 2023, 03:37 PM

The Central Hospital authorities on Wednesday claimed that Mahbuba Akter Akhi was admitted to the hospital under Dr Sangjukta Saha.

Mamunur Rashid Russell, manager of the hospital, made the claim at a press conference. 

He said that the hospital authorities have all the documents against their statement. 

“We will provide details on completion of the investigation,” he said. 

Akhi along with her husband Yakub Ali Sumon reached the hospital shortly after June 9 midnight after communicating with Sangjukta's personal secretary and driver Md Zamir, said the manager. 

Akhi was then admitted to the hospital under Sangjukta Saha, he added further. 

But Dr Saha had left the hospital earlier around 9:30pm, Mamunur Rashid said.

She did not inform the hospital authorities about her leaving. The hospital authorities came to know about it around 4:00am on June 10, said the manager. 

Dr Sangjukta Saha, who is accused of negligence and malpractice over the death of Mahbuba Rahman Akhi and her newborn, on Tuesday, blamed the Central Hospital authorities for the unfortunate incident.

Claiming that Akhi was not her patient, she said: “Central Hospital made false statements about me.”

In a press conference organized at her residence in Paribag of the capital on Tuesday afternoon, she said that when Mahbuba Rahman Ankhi was admitted, she was not in the hospital. The patient was admitted using her name without informing her anything. 

She also gave an open challenge to the hospital authority to produce a proof against their statement 

Eight days after the death of her newborn, Akhi died on Sunday.

Mahbuba Rahman Akhi, reportedly fell victim to deception and improper treatment following a misleading advertisement promising pain-free normal delivery by Professor Dr Sangjukta Saha at the Central Hospital. 

She was admitted under Professor Dr Sangjukta Saha's supervision due to labour pains on the night of June 9.

Though Prof Saha was not present at the hospital at the time, the hospital authorities allegedly bluffed the patient's family, saying she is in the hospital.

When attempts for a natural birth failed, an emergency c-section was performed, resulting in the birth of a child who sadly passed away the following day.

The Central Hospital authority suggested her husband Yakub Ali to shift Akhi to another hospital; thus, Akhi was admitted into Labaid. 

Mahbuba Rahman Akhi passed away on Sunday at the cardiac care unit (CCU) of Labaid Hospital.

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