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Speaker: Over 4.4m Dhaka residents living in slums

He said that most of the people in the capital city are victims of deprivation

Update : 02 Oct 2022, 09:54 AM

As many as 4.4 million people in the capital city live in slum areas, Architect Iqbal Habib, board of trustee’s member of Bangladesh University, has claimed.

However, on behalf of Detailed Area Plan (DAP) authorities, it was informed that 20% of people live in slums.

Iqbal Habib said that most of the people in the capital city are victims of deprivation.

Iqbal Habib came up with the remark while delivering his speech at a roundtable meeting titled “DAP Debate” organized by Editor Guilds Bangladesh on amended Detailed Area Plan (DAP) of Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (Rajuk).

The meeting was held at Dhaka Gallery in Banani on Saturday. 

"Most of the people in this city are living without housing solutions. More than 4.4 million people live in slums of the capital. They are being charged Tk44-48 per square feet while rich people pay Tk28 as rent per square feet and it is Tk 30-32 in Gulshan and Banani,” he said.

The solution to this disparity must be included in DAP, said Iqbal Habib.

Highlighting DAP data, Iqbal Habib said: "One-storey buildings in central Dhaka are 68% while two-storey to 5-storey buildings are 25% and above the 6-storey are more than 8%.”

According to information from Rajuk, 82% of the buildings in the capital city are unauthorized. Only 5% of the houses in Dhaka are built by following all the rules. As many as 95,000 buildings are constructed in the city every year. Of these, 4, 176 buildings get approval, Iqbal Habib said.

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