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Narayanganj mosque blast: Why are so many burn victims dying?

Even if a person sustains burn injuries, their condition is not always critical, according to doctors

Update : 07 Sep 2020, 08:12 PM

As of Monday afternoon, 27 people have died due to an explosion at a mosque in Narayanganj that took place on Friday night.

Of the deceased, 26 were burnt 80-100%. Regardless of how much of their bodies were burnt, all of them had one thing in common — their windpipes were burnt. 

Doctors said that even if a person gets burnt, their condition is not always critical. However, there is no way to save them if their windpipe is burnt. This is why so many blast victims have died.

Head of the Sheikh Hasina National Institute of Burn and Plastic Surgery, Dr Abul Kalam, said: “Another person, named Imam Hossain Sheikh, 32, died on Monday. Mamun Hossain, 30, was released on Monday as his condition improved — 15% of his body was burnt.”

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“Four people are still under intensive care in the ICU of the hospital and five are undergoing treatment in the post-operative ward. Sagar, Sheikh Farid, and Nazrul in ICU are in critical condition,” he added.

“Carbon monoxide had accumulated in the closed room [mosque], creating a coil of invisible gas. This is why their windpipes burnt so quickly and caused the deaths,” the doctor further said.

The agonizing cries of a family

The hospital was filled with the cries of Imam Hossain Sheikh’s family as his body was taken away by ambulance for burial at his village home in Shariatpur, on Monday afternoon.

Alauddin Sheikh, Imam’s father, told Dhaka Tribune that his son was the only bread earner in the family.

“My wife and I, with our younger sons and daughters, somehow managed to scrape by with the money Imam earned. He lived with his wife and two-year-old son in a rented house in Narayanganj’s Talla area.

“He worked tirelessly without mentioning his hardships to us even once. He used to tell me, ‘Father, don’t hesitate to inform me if you have financial problems. I will manage whatever I can,” said Alauddin.

With teary eyes, Alauddin said his family rushed to see Imam as soon as they heard the news.

“I saw that my healthy son’s whole body was burnt. He was writhing in pain. I said to him, ‘Son, are you in pain? Do you want to eat something? Look, everyone is here. You’ll recover and visit our home again.’

“He acknowledged me with a gesture. Who knew that it would be our last goodbye,” Alauddin said, as he broke down in tears.

Those who are currently undergoing treatment at the hospital have sustained 15-93% burns on their bodies and are between 18-55 in age. Mamun Hossain, who was 15% burnt, was released from the hospital on Monday.

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