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JBPF: Food safety requires implementation of law

The foundation pointed out that the state must play a fundamental role in this regard

Update : 05 Feb 2019, 01:49 PM

The National Anti-Adulteration Foundation, known in Bangla as Jatiya Bhejal Protirodh Foundation (JBPF), has called for implementation of the law to ensure food safety for everyone.

The foundation stated this at a discussion held at the National Press Club in Dhaka on Tuesday.

Addressing the discussion, the organization’s Executive Director Mohammad Selim Reza said: “Without proper implementation of law, it is impossible to ensure food safety in our country. 

“Public awareness must also be created in this regard, and this issue should be introduced to children at the primary education level.”

He furthered: “Article 15 of the Constitution of People’s Republic of Bangladesh clearly states that it shall be a fundamental responsibility of the state to secure citizens’ provision of the basic necessities of life, including food.

“So the state has to play the most important role in ensuring food safety. Everyone must work together to achieve this goal.”

Other speakers at the discussion pointed out that food safety is an important issue, as it helps protect consumers from the risk of food-borne illnesses, and it is also one of the most important components in the public health sector.

The speakers added that food safety cannot be properly ensured unless the food supply chains follow rules and regulations regarding safety standards.

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