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Affected DNCC Market traders to get shops on priority basis

Update : 06 Jan 2017, 08:39 AM
They will be allotted space on a priority basis, he added. Speaking at a press conference in DNCC office, the mayor said: “I met the prime minister today and discussed the fire at the DNCC market. Our prime minister is very concerned about the situation. She told us to do right by them.” He also said he had informed the prime minister of the seven markets and 141 buildings under the city corporation which are at risk and could collapse at any moment. “This city corporation is not the old city corporation. All our activities will be transparent. Anyone who tries to bribe, influence, or muscle their way to receive the space will not be spared,” he said. He emphasised on the rehabilitation of the vendors. He also warned if any quarter tries to sabotage the further activities of the city corporation regarding DNCC market, strict steps would be taken against them.
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A fire broke out on Tuesday at the market which gutted the kitchen market and caused significant damage to the building. Shop owners estimate that the total loss could amount to Tk500-600cr. The mayor said a third party was trying to benefit off the allegations by the shop owners against the DNCC. A seven-member probe committee has been formed to investigate the case. Asked about the fire incidents in Korail slum, Mohakhali Sattola slum only weeks before the DNCC market, Annisul said: “The cases are being investigated by different probe committees. We are waiting for the reports and will take steps accordingly when we receive the reports.” Addressing the burnt traders, the mayor said: “The incident was pathetic. Be patient, otherwise we cannot help you. The city corporation authority has been asking you since 2001 to cease operating in the hazardous kitchen market building.” “The city corporation issued warnings when cracks were found in the pillars and columns. Then a team of BUET experts announced the building risky and recommended not to use the building. But you did not follow the direction of the city corporation. Rather you filed two writ petitions to the High Court against city corporation's directions in 2010 and 2011. But the court dismissed the writs in 2012 and instructed the city corporation to take action.” Leaders of the market's shop owners' association including their chief Sher Mohammad attended the conference, among others. Following the press briefing, Annisul visited the damaged market. The DNCC mayor claimed the vendors of DNCC market of Gulshan 1 operated without paying any rent to the city corporation for the past 13 years. The city corporation owns the market and shops were leased by traders from 1964 to 1984. The mayor also said a team of Buet experts will investigate the Gulshan market fire, he said. “If the Buet team recommends the building is not too risky to use, cleaning and re-painting will commence. You [traders] will also restart your business as soon as possible. And immediate steps will be taken for a new establishment in where the kitchen market was,” he said. However, the traders have agreed with Mayor Annisul's proposal of future steps regarding the reconstruction of new establishments in the same area of the Gulshan 1. Responding to Annisul's proposal, DNCC Market Association President Talal Rizvi said: “We will cooperate with the city corporation's next initiatives,” After the announcements made by Annisul and Rizvi, most of the traders expressed their satisfaction. However, a few traders who had run temporary businesses in the markets' verandas and other free spaces were concerned none of them will get any space in the proposed new establishments.
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