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Retractable spikes on city roads to stop reverse traffic

Update : 23 May 2014, 10:30 PM

The Dhaka Metropolitan Police is going to install retractable spikes on city roads to stop drivers from taking a “shortcut” by using the wrong side of the road.

The metal spikes will retract when a vehicle goes in the right direction, but will puncture tyres if it travels the opposite way.

The new initiative was launched at a ceremony which took place at 11am yesterday on the capital’s Hare Road near the state house Sugandha. A retractable spike belt has been installed there on a test basis.

At the launching ceremony, Inspector General of Police Hassan Mahmood Khandker said: “We had hoped that people would follow traffic rules. But since they do not, we had to install the spikes to maintain traffic laws on city roads.

“Many drivers, after getting stuck in traffic congestion, choose to travel on the wrong side of the road in order to reach their destinations, thus creating a traffic deadlock in the area. Traffic police also find it tough to tackle such situations.”

Officials from the traffic division said the spikes will puncture the tyres of a vehicle if it goes the wrong way and force it to stop. Then, police will be able to nab the driver.

The traffic division hopes that the spikes will help reduce the traffic congestion due to wrong way movement and will thus also reduce accidents.

The spikes, which are three inches high and separated by a gap of 45 millimetres, have been placed on a stainless steel bar and will not rust or clog in wet weather conditions. Each spike has its individual spring and will bend down easily if a vehicle travels in the right direction.

The device, costing around Tk5 lakhs, was built by a local metal engineering company at the capital’s Dholaikhal.

DMP will start distributing leaflets to raise awareness about the spikes over the next month and ask the city corporation to install such devices on every street if the project becomes successful.

However, the DMP will let the ambulances use the wrong side of the road in case of emergencies. 

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