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Where are the hospital drugs going?

Update : 27 Aug 2013, 05:44 PM

Although routine surgeries have remained suspended at the operation theatre (OT) of Khulna Medical College Hospital (KMCH) for the last four months, all surgery-associated medicines and drugs continue to fly off the store shelves regardless.

There are allegations that these expensive medicines are being sold outside the hospital and not being reserved for patients who may actually need them. This is a rather common occurrence at the hospital but there is no one to look into the irregularity.

Hospital sources said due to an electric short circuit on the midnight of July 14, medical equipment worth millions of taka got damaged. The damaged equipment include three anaesthetic machines, one diathermy machine, three suction machines, three OT ceiling lights and two air conditioners.

But drugs worth more than Tk100,000 were taken from the store room on the day when operation activities were halted. Sources said the drugs were taken from the store by showing indent with signatures from the operation theatre’s in-charge, who is a junior consultant (anaesthesiology), and a resident medical officer.

Hospital Superintendent Dr Paritosh Kumar Kunda, also a junior consultant (anaesthesiology), could not be contacted while an attempt was made to know where the drugs had gone. It was learnt that the missing hospital drugs are sold to other doctors, private clinics and pharmacies at cheap prices.

A source in the hospital said drugs purchased by the government and patients are being stolen for a long time by those who are related to the OT. Despite there being an adequate supply of government procured drugs and other items in the hospital, the patients are issued lists of drugs to purchase those from outside.

It was found that same person has been doing service at the OT for several years in return for a large kickback.

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