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Main accused in police murder still at large, stolen weapons unrecovered

  • 45 cases registered related to the incidents
  • Delays in investigation 
  • Efforts to complete the investigations hindered by the complexity of the cases
Update : 05 May 2024, 10:00 AM

Following the violent clashes centered around the Bangladesh Nationalist Party’s (BNP) mass rally on October 28 last year, investigations into the numerous cases registered have been underway, with notable developments and challenges emerging.

Despite the registration of 45 cases related to the incidents, the investigations have faced delays, primarily due to the political nature of the cases. 

Efforts to complete the investigations have been hindered by the complexity of the cases and the involvement of numerous accused individuals. 

During that time, miscreants engaged in extensive violent activities, including beating a policeman to death, stealing police weapons, and attacking the Chief Justice’s residence and the police hospital. 

Picture shows a police officer at the BNP`s Naya Paltan rally area after the party men fled from the spot on Saturday, October 28, 2023. Photo: Mahmud Hossain Opu/Dhaka Tribune

The weapons seized from the police were not recovered, and those involved in the investigation could not arrest anyone directly involved in the police killings. However, the investigation claims that efforts are underway to recover stolen weapons using technical and manual sources.

Additional Police Commissioner of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Dr Khandkar Muhid Uddin recently held a meeting with relevant investigation and supervision officers regarding the progress of the investigation. In that meeting, out of 45 cases, 22 more important cases were discussed. 

Later, he directed the investigation of the cases to be completed quickly. He also directed the police and detectives to conduct a joint operation and recover the stolen weapons.

According to sources related to the investigation, 60 people have been arrested in the case filed at Ramna police station over bus vandalism in front of the Chief Justice’s residence. 

Besides, 61 people have been arrested in another vehicle vandalism case in front of the “Judges Complex.” 

Twelve accused have been arrested in the case of setting fire to the minibus after entering the Institution of Diploma Engineers building. 

Additionally, 20 people have been arrested in the case of vandalizing a car in front of the Dhaka Divisional Commissioner’s office and throwing bricks at the Dhaka Range DIG office. 

The source also said that a person had given a confessional statement in court regarding setting fire to the police vehicle in Shantinagar. 

According to the information given by the arrested person, two more accused have been arrested. 

Four accused have been arrested in the case filed at Shahbag police station for car vandalism in front of the High Court, and eight accused have been arrested in another case at New Market police station, with 25 accused arrested in a case at Chawkbazar police station.

DMP Additional Deputy Police Commissioner Azharul Islam Mukul said: “The cases of violence, vandalism, and police attacks are being seriously investigated. Many accused have been arrested based on video footage examination. Efforts are underway to arrest those who are still absconding.” 

It was a murder case in these incidents as well. A policeman was beaten to death by miscreants, and a murder case was registered at Paltan police station. Eighteen accused have already been arrested. 

However, the main accused involved in the murder have not yet been arrested. 

A police officer related to the investigation said that they have collected and analyzed the CCTV footage and video footage of the police killing incident. 

Several persons directly involved in the police killing have already been identified, and an operation is underway to nab them. 

In Paltan and Shajahanpur areas, miscreants snatched away eight police weapons during the violence caused by the BNP rally. 

After that, four weapons were recovered abandoned, but the remaining four weapons still need to be recovered. 

Several top leaders of BNP were arrested and interrogated on remand in the cases filed at Paltan and Shajahanpur police stations. 

In the meeting held at the DMP headquarters, Additional Commissioner Muhid instructed them to recover the lost weapons of the police on a priority basis. 

After viewing the CCTV footage and video footage on the incident, he directed that the accused be identified and arrested.

At the same time, instructions were given to investigate the case more seriously to ensure the punishment of the accused. 

He directed the collection of the still images of the accused from the video footage and sending them to all the beat officers at the metro and district levels.

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