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Freed from jail, Bangladeshi author back to int’l child pornography

  • Arrested for involvement with international child pornography rackets in 2014
  • Upon completion of his jail term, released in 2021
  • Writes several books including a series called 'Horror Club'
Update : 25 Apr 2024, 12:10 AM

He was arrested for involvement with international child pornography rackets in 2014. Police charged him for making pornographic videos and photos, and selling those to at least eight international porn syndicates, including in the Middle East. 

Upon completion of his jail term, he was released in 2021.  

But instead of rectifying himself, the man resumed the criminal act: selling pornography to international rings.

This grim story is about TIM Fakhruzzaman alias Tipu Kibria, an author of children’s books who was also once famed for photography, the Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime (CTTC) unit of Dhaka Metropolitan Police told a press conference in Dhaka on Wednesday.  

With the pen name, Tipu Kibria, he wrote several books including a series called “Horror Club”.    

CTTC chief Md Asaduzzaman said that Tipu is already listed as an international child porn ring member in several countries. 

Tipu was arrested with his accomplice Kamrul from the capital’s Khilgaon area on Tuesday. 

With the help of the Interpol, the Criminal Investigation Department of Bangladesh Police first arrested Tipu in 2014 and he walked out of jail in 2021. 

Md Asaduzzaman said: “Tipu used to engage children in underprivileged and floating pornography by luring them with money, especially in Gulistan, Ramna Park and Suhrawardy Udyan of Dhaka. 

“Tipu would also capture obscene photos and videos of the victims indoors and sell those to international porn rings. He also used to film videos of the victims in forests as demanded by his clients.”

Asaduzzaman added: “Once captured, he used to edit and send those through emails to the international porn rings. The photos and videos would later be uploaded to different porn sites.”  

Tipu also used to send the contents using the “Mega” and “Totena” apps.

Devices seized from Tipu’s possession are found on the list of his clients in Australia, Italy and Germany, among other countries.   

“Through the forensic analysis of Tipu’s devices, we’ve found 25,000 photos and 1,000 videos. The numbers would rise further when the entire forensic or filtering process ends,” Asaduzzaman said.   

Even though Tipu would charge a hefty amount for the photos and videos, he used to pay the child victims only Tk500-1,000, according to the CTTC chief. 

In primary interrogation, the police discovered that Tipu has more accomplices other than Kamrul.

“When arresting Tipu and Kamrul, we managed to rescue a child victim. Afterwards, we handed over the child to his family,” Asaduzzaman said.  

Tipu usually used to receive his money through Western Union and some mobile financial services.

“He would get around $1,000 for up to four small videos,” said Asaduzzaman, adding that the pedophile has several agents across the country. 

“We’ve identified many of them. Moreover, we managed to identify 25-30 child victims. All of them are boys.”

Who is Tipu?

Upon pursuing his graduation and post-graduation in Bangla from Jahangirnagar University, Tipu started books for children in the 1990s. 

He shot to fame for his series “Horror Club” published by Sheba Prokashoni. 

Tipu first engaged himself in child pornography in 2005. 

After his arrest in 2014, the CID said that he had long been under their scanner as an international child pornography ring had already been active in Bangladesh since 2005.  

“Keeping an eye on Tipu for a long period, the Interpol confirmed his link to the crime,” the CID said at that time. 

The police had seized a huge number of photographs, videos, film-making equipment, hard disks, documents and other information. They had said the evidence suggested the gang had clients in different countries.

Tipu Kibria, in a statement given before the court, had confessed to his involvement in child pornography.

BBC Bangla reported that Tipu had lured or coerced at least 500 boys to perform in pornographic films over the past nine years.

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