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Teen motorbike gangs terrorize Rajshahi

  • Racing motorcycle competitions on roads 
  • Make the roads and highways of Rajshahi unsafe for others
  • These teenagers resort to various criminal activities
Update : 07 Apr 2024, 10:17 AM

With Eid-ul-Fitr just a few days away, teen gangs have become reckless in Rajshahi city. Riding on bikes, these teens terrorize the entire city. 

Local people say that they even organize motorcycle racing competitions. 

These racing competitions are held on roads linking Kashiadanga to Railgate to Bhadra, Kashiadanga to Amchattar, Alupatti to Thalaimari, Biman Chattar to Meherchandi, Railgate to Nowhata, and on the bank of river Padma.

Aged between 14 and 19 years, these gangs are often backed by a section of ruling party leaders, who act as influential elder brothers, the locals alleged. 

The situation has taken a dangerous turn, particularly during the morning and evening hours, when these teenagers resort to various criminal activities. 

Locals say that there are laws to regulate such activities but these teenagers do not want to act by the rules. They flout road safety guidelines and make the roads and highways of Rajshahi unsafe for others. These unruly teenagers are practicing gang culture where some political leaders are backing them. This is why they have become reckless. Local people fear that the number of road crashes will increase sharply during Eid holidays if racing on the streets are not stopped immediately. 

College student Itteda said they have to walk on the streets very carefully so that bikers do not run them over. This student said this has become a daily event during the month of Ramadan and there is a lack of police patrolling in the streets in the evening as well. 

Another college student, Durjoy Islam, said that recently he was sitting with his friends behind Rajshahi City Corporation building, and all of a sudden there was a gathering. Approaching it they saw that a group of teenagers were beating up a car driver mercilessly. They only left the scene after someone threatened to call the police. This has become a regular scene in the area, this college student said.

Advocate Taufiq Hasan Tito, president of Safe Road Movement in Rajshahi said that the recklessness of these teen gangs increases during the last few days of Ramadan and during Eid vacations when the streets are empty. The situation is deteriorating day by day. These younger bikers take speed for fun and as a result, many innocent people are suffering. He suggested that the guardians should be aware of the whereabouts of their children during this period of the year and the law enforcers should strengthen their monitoring as well. 

The number of patients at the Orthopedics Department of Rajshahi Medical College Hospital increases during Eid holidays every year. The hospital authorities take extra measures to meet this pressure beforehand. This is no exception. 

Doctors at the hospital urged everyone to be careful on the roads to reduce fatalities.  

Brigadier General FM Shamim Ahmed, director of the hospital, said: “We have all kinds of preparations in the emergency unit. There will be a doctor at all times even on holidays. Ambulance and other emergency services will also be available.”

Meanwhile, the police are arresting members of the teen gangs based on complaints. However, in most cases, these teenagers are released on bail. Also, many cases are not reported However, sources say that most of the cases do not go to the police station for fear of embarrassment. Criminals are becoming more reckless as a result.

According to a press release sent by the police, given specific complaints, Shahmakhdum Thana police of RMP conducted an operation at Boalia police station at 9:15 pm last Thursday (April 4).

On April 4, a team from Shahmakhdum police station conducted a raid in Gourhanga and arrested five members of a teen gang acting on a specific complaint. 

Ismail Hossain, officer-in-charge of the station, said these teenagers were arrested over the kidnapping of two youths named Arafat and Sabbir. The duo was kidnapped and beat up on October 27. Two of the arrestees, Rocky Ahmed Shimul and Farhan Arafat are also accused of extorting a trader. Police arrested six more teen gang members over the same incidents later. 

Rajshahi Metropolitan Police (RMP) spokesperson Jamirul Islam said that the police are already working to check crimes carried out by these gangs. Special preparations have been made to prevent teenagers from riding bikes recklessly in the city during Eid holidays, he added. 

In 2022, six teenage motorcyclists died in bike accidents during Eid holidays. According to sources, all of them died in crashes taking place during racing. More than 250 others were injured in the accidents. Most of the wounded were treated at Rajshahi Medical College Hospital.

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