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Adam Tamizi's controversial activities on Facebook

  • Threatens minister
  • Comments about PM, women's leadership, AL
  • Burning passport
Update : 18 Nov 2023, 08:40 PM

Adam Tamizi Haque – a name known to the common people due to his controversial activities, criticism of the government and offensive speech on social media Facebook Live. 

He is the managing director of Haque Group of Industries.

There are several cases against Adam Tamizi, including one under the Digital Security Act. To arrest him and bring him under the law, RAB conducted an operation in the Gulshan area of the capital Dhaka at around 9pm on Thursday.

During the raid, Adam Tamizi threatened to commit suicide live on his Facebook page. At that time, he was seen vandalizing various furniture of his house. His workers could also be heard calling in that live.

Earlier on September 17, he alleged that a state minister of the government was attempting to seize his business establishment in Gazipur. Mentioning the name of the state minister, he said: “You are a thief, you know me. I am coming to Tongi. Stop if you dare.”

On September 18, Adam Tamizi came to Facebook Live from Mecca, Saudi Arabia and made various comments about the head of government, women's leadership and Awami League. There he said: “I will be honoured in England. They know how to value talents. I will settle permanently in the UK.”

He mentioned in his post that in the UK, he will do politics and in the next 10 years, he will be the prime minister of the UK and will never come to Bangladesh again.

Before this, in the first, second and third Facebook live, Adam Tamizi Haque highlighted the oppression and torture on him. In the fourth live, he held his wife's face and said: “I am Adam Tamizi Haque. I was the leader of Awami League. My party broke my family, instigating my wife. They are also using my wife against me.”

After that, Adam Tamizi Haque announced his fourth marriage in a Facebook status. 

He wrote: "I will get married for the fourth time next December. Everyone is invited. Getting married in Saudi is the best.”

On September 30, he posted an application letter to Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Facebook. In the application, he sought exemption from all positions including the membership of the executive committee and primary membership of the Dhaka Metropolitan North Awami League.

In the post, he said, he wants to withdraw from politics to focus on religion and business.

Apart from Facebook Live, in another status, Adam Tamizi Haque wrote: "If necessary, I can show a partial form of my power today. I can also oust  the incumbent minister of Bangladesh government from his power position. So, you need to be very careful before laying hands on my property.”

In another live on Facebook, Adam Tamizi Haque was seen burning his Bangladeshi passport. At that time, he was heard saying: "I was the leader of Bangladesh Awami League. Awami League is trying to trap me with a false case by seizing my wealth of Tk1,000 crore. This is why I don't want to be a citizen of this country. If anything happens to my family, you will know who is doing it.”

Then Tamizi Haque apologized for burning his Bangladeshi passport. He said that he did such an act due to excessive emotions. 

On February 4, 2023, a British national named Jeremy Williman sent a legal notice to Tamizi Haque for allegedly breaching the agreement to buy a house in Dubai, demanding compensation of around Tk42 crore.

According to the notice giver, after entering into an agreement to buy a house in Dubai, Tamizi was allowed to stay as a tenant until the owner of the house paid the instalments. But he left the house with valuables. Later, the owner of the house went and found that his valuables were missing. Since then he is not getting any whereabouts of Adam Tamizi.

The notice also said: "When Williman tried to contact Adam Tamizi Haque, Adam Tamizi initially gave various excuses and later cut off the contact. Therefore, the notice asked Tamizi Haque to pay a compensation of $50 million (about Tk42 crore)."

Adam Tamizi Haque's father, Barrister Tamizi Haque, was the founder of the Haque Group of Industries. 

After his father's death, Adam took over the leadership of the Haque Group. He accepted the responsibility as the managing director of the organization. In 2011, Adam Tamizi became the managing director of the company.

Meanwhile, his sister alleged that Adam Tamizi exerted influence and single-handedly established control over their late father's estate. An investigative report was also aired on a private television.

In 2017, Adam Tamizi started trying to enter the political arena by doing some public welfare work through a non-profit organization called "Humanitarian Bangladesh". 

Anisul Huq, the then mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation, died in November of the same year. After that, several businessmen became candidates for Awami League nomination in DNCC. Adam Tamizi was also one of them.

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