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All Supreme Court verdicts in Bangla soon, says chief justice

The authorities have been using a software to translate the verdict to Bangla since December, said the chief justice

Update : 21 Feb 2021, 03:24 PM

All orders and verdicts by the Supreme Court will be issued in Bangla soon, says Chief Justice Syed Mahmud Hossain.

His remarks came on Sunday while speaking to the media after paying homage to the 1952 Language Martyrs at the Shaheed Minar, reports Bangla Tribune.

"We have started  using a software from December. It automatically translates verdicts from English to Bangla. Further steps will be taken once the translations are done," said Chief Justice Hossain.

"In line with the  prime minister's orders, a translation cell has been formed, which has already started working," he added. 

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Bangladesh introduced the 'Bangla Language Implementation Act, 1987’ in a bid to ensure the use of Bangla in all spheres, including the courts. But the authorities have often faced criticism for failing to fully implement the law.

The High Court, too, on several occasions has ordered the use of Bangla in all official activities of the government and administration, as well as on car number plates, signboards, nameplates and television advertisements.

A rule has also been issued to stop the distortion of the Bangla language in radio and television programs or advertisements. But even in the High Court, the initiative to introduce Bangla at all levels failed to gain much traction.

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