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Champaknagarer Upokotha to be staged today

Update : 15 Apr 2015, 07:04 PM

“Champaknagarer Upokotha,” a new play inspired and illustrated by Padmapuran—a medieval Bangla play, will be staged today at the Natmondol in the Dhaka University premise.

The play is set to hold its fourth staging in four consecutive days since its premiere on April 13. It is staged by sophomores from the Theatre and Performance Studies Department of Dhaka University. Kazi Tamanna Haque Sigma, a lecturer of the department, directed the play.

Although in the original version the play depicts the story of the famous mythical folktale conflict between Chand Sadagar of Champaknagar and Manasa, the goddess of snakes, the adapted version did not make this the focal point. Rather, it traces the woes and worries of a number of minor characters like Sanoka, Chand’s wife, and Chand’s six widowed daughter-in-laws, all of whom had to suffer in the midst of the conflict between Chand and Manasa.

Combining the traditional, long existing Bangla play forms including pala, panchali and jatra with the western characterisation style, the play has presented itself in a unique manner where the East meets the West. 

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