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Australia golfer bitten by crocodile

Update : 14 Apr 2015, 03:48 AM

A golfer has suffered leg injuries after being bitten by a crocodile on an Australian golf course.

The man, in his 70s, told staff at the golf course in Port Douglas, Queensland, that he may have stepped on the reptile while looking for a ball.

Ambulance crews said the man had suffered a deep laceration to his shin and puncture wounds to his calf.

Crocodiles are a common sight on the golf course, Australian media reported, and signs warn players of the dangers.

Police Senior Sergeant James Coate told broadcaster ABC that the 1.2m (4ft) saltwater crocodile had been in a waterway on the 11th hole.

"He landed his ball near the water and as he's done that he disturbed a crocodile,'' Sgt Coate told ABC.

The Palmer Sea Reef golf course is owned by Australian billionaire and politician Clive Palmer.

After the incident he tweeted that he wished the golfer - who was not named - a speedy recovery.

He joked: "Crocodile has been removed from all menus at Palmer properties following today's incident."

The Australian newspaper reported that wildlife officers would try to remove the crocodile and relocate it to a crocodile farm or a zoo.

Crocodiles are a common feature of Australia's tropical north and numbers have increased since being declared a protected species in 1971.

In March last year, the Australian government rejected a controversial plan to allow crocodile safari hunting in the Northern Territory.

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