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Open Enquiry on display at Drik

Update : 04 Feb 2014, 06:09 PM

A group photography exhibition titled Open Enquiry is on at the Drik gallery and will continue until February 7. The display showcases photographs of the students of Pathshala and Edith Cowan University (ECW) and is the outcome of a one month long workshop of Pathshala-ECU students, which was held in Bangladesh.  Rajib Matin coordinated the workshop. As many as thirty five Bangladeshi and Australian students took photos in Sylhet, Old Dhaka and Cox’s Bazaar. Moreover, these diverse group represented the lifestyle of Bangladesh through their lens.

Participant Kaisar Ahmed’s Little Conqueror reflects the story of a young boy. Kaisar said: “The photo is of a twelve years old boy named Mejba, who I met in Cox’s Bazaar. I was curious and enthusiastic to capture his life, as he is fascinated by the horses living in the beach. Everyday, he pretends to go to school, but instead, he tries to earn some money from the tourist and spends his days with the horses.”

Dipta Prakash Das’s Stateless Community address the crises issues of the Rahingya community. His portrait of mother and children depicts the harsh reality and lack of protection from their host country, Bangladesh. About his photographs Dipta said: “ I wanted to convey the message to the people that Rahingyas residing in this country are living a cruel life  in  the refugee camps. My photo shows that the deprived community wants to return to Arakan, when they feel that it is safe for them.”

Julian Tennant from Australia perceives the exoticness of Bangladeshi life and culture. He said: “I set out to explore the art and artworks that adorned these unique vehicles, Rickshaw. I discovered that this rapid growing city, Dhaka, is struggling to cope up with the changes and so are the rickshaw artists and the rickshaw pullers.”

Samantha Dillon captured the girls from the orphanage ShishuPoribar located in Sylhet. “The girls from the orphanage have hopes and dreams for their future. In the orphanage, the girls are living as a family, treating each other like siblings, facing struggles and triumphs together, instead of being alone.”

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