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Raima and Nirab pay tribute to Suchitra Sen on silver screen

Update : 11 Dec 2013, 06:10 PM

Heartthrobs of two Bengals, Raima Sen and Nirab will be seen together on the silver screen for the first time in a film paying tribute to legendary actor Suchitra Sen. Bangladeshi seasoned actor Tariq Anam Khan will also appear in the film titled Sadarghat which will partly be shot in Bangladesh, where Suchitra Sen was born.

At the heart of the film is yesteryear’s screen goddess Suchitra Sen, who now leads the life of a recluse.

Though the film revolves around her, she’ll not be seen in person.

Confirming the news, the director said, “In Sadarghat, Suchitra Sen is all over without being anywhere. Both Moon Moon Sen and Raima will be playing themselves in the film. When I narrated the script to Moon Moon, she loved it.”

Elaborating on the storyline, Sankarlal said, “In the film, it will be shown how Dhaka is preparing a tribute to Suchitra Sen on her 80th birthday. Suchitra’s daughter, Moon Moon, sends Raima to receive the honour on behalf of her grandmother. She also has a plan to set up a restaurant in Kolkata with the name Sadarghat, where only Bangladeshi recipes will be served.”

The movie, which commences at a documentary pitch, takes turn to a romantic fiction note when Raima meets Akram (Nirab), a Bangladeshi young man who escorts the lady to visit Pabna, the birth place of Suchitra Sen. Raima comes back to Kolkata, while Moon Moon gets busy finishing the dream project of Sadarghat, but a certain news from Dhaka brings twist to the story.

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