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Arabian food festival on at the Westin

Update : 08 Nov 2013, 06:19 PM

Man’s love for exquisite food can be observed in all cultures, especially in the Arabian regions, where luxury and indulgence in all that is good, is the norm in every aspect of life. Arabia’s cultural heredity lie deep in antiquity. Although isolated from the centers of ancient civilizations, its people had a diversity of acquaintances with Egypt, Syria, Iraq and with the Roman and Byzantine empires.

To introduce the flavours and diversity of the Arabian cuisine to the foodies and food connoisseurs of Dhaka, the Westin is holding an Arabian food festival titled Aroma of Arabia at the Seasonal Tastes restaurant of the hotel. Guest chefs from Egypt are flown in to preside over the kitchen of the signature restaurant for the duration of the festival, to maintain the authenticity and flavours of the dishes.

Food lovers are in for a treat as they will get to taste the popular middle-eastern rice dish Kabasa, that is served with whole roasted lamb, tender and delectably aromatic, the flavour of dried leamon and other fragrant spices can be tasted in the dish.

A variety of Arabian kebab made of chicken, lamb and beef is being served at the festival. What sets them apart from other kebab dish is that Arabian kebabs are infused with special condiments and the distinct flavour of the coal that is unique to that region only.

Traditional Middle Eastern dishes such as chicken shawarma, sayadiah sea food, an array of lamb dish, chicken with freaka and many more make up the carte du jour of the festival. Another special addition to the event is that, seven different menus will be served in the seven-day long festival that will run till November 14.

Today’s main items include an array of Egyptian dishes such as, Egyptian moussaka, Egyptian style macaroni gratin, duck with freaka, sea bass with felafel and lamb okra.

The festival was inaugurated on November 7 at the Silver Room of the hotel. Etihad airways is the airline partner and Dhaka Tribune is the media partner of the event.  

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