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Shakib to charge less for his next projects

Update : 30 Oct 2013, 06:24 PM

Shakib Khan’s signing money has taken a huge tumble in recent times. Rumour has it that the actor is earning Taka1.2m for a movie nowadays and in some cases, his demand has come down to Taka0.7m. At one point in his career the King Khan of Dhallywood used to charge Tk4m for a movie - considered as the peak of his profession.

However, it is now evident that “King Khan” was not aware that the film industry could be like a roller coaster ride with its unsteady momentum and pitfalls. Shakib refuses to talk about his earnings and his turn in luck. He said that the reason behind his shift in demand is that, he wants to encourage the producers to make more films and that is why he renegotiated his monetary demand. At present, Shakib is occupied with the shooting and dubbing for his films “Mental,” “Salam Malaysia,” and “Love Marriage.”

Shakib has won many awards for his acting, including the National Film Award for his role in the movie “Bhalobeshe Ghor Badha Jay Na.” He is the current president of the Film Artist Association and is also involved in various socio-cultural activities.

He is also the brand ambassador of Pran Power Energy Drink and Asian Duplex Town.

In a word, he can be labeled as the nucleus of the Bangladeshi film industry.

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