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Pathao, Bangladeshi champion, that is beating Silicon Valley at its own game

  • Over 8 million users 
  • Revenue reached $14 million in 2022
Update : 09 Oct 2023, 06:51 PM

In a world where tech giants from Silicon Valley often grab the headlines, there is an uprising of emerging market pioneers making waves globally. Bangladesh’s very own Pathao has emerged as a frontrunner in this wave of innovation, outmaneuvering Western counterparts and securing its place among the top 40 companies changing the game on a global scale.

Pathao, founded in 2015 by Hussain Elius, Shifat Adnan, and Fahim Saleh, began as a delivery service for Bangladeshi e-commerce firms. It embarked on its ride-sharing journey at a time when the concept was still relatively new in Bangladesh. The game-changer for Pathao came in December 2016 with the launch of its app, and there was no looking back.

Starting in Dhaka and later expanding to Chittagong and Sylhet in Bangladesh, as well as Kathmandu in Nepal, Pathao’s ride-sharing service quickly gained momentum. But it did not stop there; the company diversified its offerings to include services like Pathao Food, Pathao Parcel, Pathao Courier, Pathao Shop, Pathao Tong, and Pathao Pharma.

In 2018, Pathao introduced Pathao Food, an online food delivery service that rapidly became the largest of its kind in Bangladesh. Pathao Courier expanded nationwide, and Pathao Parcel allowed users to send small parcels within Dhaka city. 

Notably, Pathao weathered the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic by relaunching “Pathao Tong,” a service that promises to deliver essential groceries, food, medicine, and health products to customers’ doorsteps in under 40 minutes. 

Pathao has also ventured into the gaming world, partnering with Go-Games to introduce “Pathao Games,” making gaming more accessible to its users.

With over 8 million users and revenue reaching $14 million in 2022, Pathao has carved its niche in the tech market. Its success story is not only a testament to its founders’ vision and innovation but also a shining example of how emerging market startups can disrupt and outshine even the most established Western players.

In a world where tech ecosystems outside the West are gaining momentum, Pathao stands tall as a symbol of Bangladesh’s growing presence on the global tech stage. As a company that started with just four individuals, Pathao has grown into a team of over 500 employees, solidifying its status as a pioneer in Bangladesh’s vibrant startup ecosystem.

In its relentless pursuit of innovation and growth, Pathao is on the cusp of a transformative expansion. The company is eagerly anticipating the approval of a central bank license to establish its very own digital bank, a move poised to reshape the financial landscape in the region.

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