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Melvin Burgess's bucket list

Update : 16 Apr 2013, 09:08 AM



This is one I've been trying to avoid, mainly because in The Hit, you only get one week to do it all. Imagine – an entire life in one week! In just over a year's time I'll be 60 years old, and as you might expect, the list I'd write now is very different from the one I might have written 40 or 50 years ago. Sex! Drugs! Rock n roll! Tell everyone what I really think of them! Shoot someone really bad who deserves to die!

Of course, those things are still attractive, and one bit of me would love to go mad on ecstasy and sleep with all those attractive women who are just cursing their bad luck that they never got a go between the sheets with me …

But the fact is, at my age, I guess most of us have already learned the lessons that poor Adam in The Hit has to learn in only one week. Casual sex? – I was never any good at it, it made me feel guilty. I don't want to break any more hearts. What would it do to my lovely partner? Or my kids, if it came to that, seeing their old dad behaving like a spring frog in a pond in his last days? So really, all I'd want to do is spend time with the people I love. What else is there worth doing in the end? Perhaps we all spend our lives finding that out.

But of course we'd have to do something with our time, so this would be my timetable, day by day.

1. Go somewhere nice and warm – south of France maybe, maybe Spain – get a big house and all my best friends and family to stay. The first day would be meet and great.

2. The next day, feasting. I love food, I love cooking, I love people. Big long warm lunches at trestle tables in the sun, with loads of courses and wine. Nice cheeses. Roast wild birds, beautiful puddings and pies, tarts, cheeses and puddings of all kinds. Ice cream. Chocolates. Kind of like those medieval feasts they used to have. Oh – and bands. We'd have to have lots bands playing.

3. Day off. Folk could go where they want. Bit of sightseeing. Nothing special. I just hope I won't be too hung-over to enjoy it – but realistically, I expect I would. Never mind – on death, hangovers go in the twinkle of an eye!.

4. Do the whole feast thing again.

5. Just me and my partner would go somewhere special. I love travel, although, face it, I won't want to spend too much of my last week in a plane. I think it might be the Himalayas – Nepal, maybe. Somewhere really beautiful. We'd spend a couple of days there, walking, looking at wildlife. That would be three of my favourite things in one go.

7. Get my kids to join me. And - I guess that's it.

Sorry! It's pretty boring, isn't it? But it would be good, because in the end it's not what you do, it's who you do it with; and it's days spent, not things done.

Hmm. You know what? Maybe I'll just go and do it anyway…

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