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Old Remians inter batch tournament today

Update : 09 Oct 2015, 05:31 AM

Today, Dhaka Residential Model College (DRMC) will be hosting a special, grand futsal festival in the memory of DRMC's outstanding sports coach, Salam sir. Salam Memorial 5-A-Side Football Fest is an old Remians inter batch tournament organised by Old Remians Welfare Association (ORWA), a special organisation of the current and the former students of DRMC.

The current and former students of DRMC, also known as "Remians," will be participating in this event. Remians will be coming from all over Bangladesh, with some Remians coming from abroad (UK, Australia and the US) to join the competition. The senior most participating batch for this competition is the batch of 1989-91. Following the path of 89-91, from 1990-92 to 2014-16, a total of 26 batches are taking part in this battle for glory. A total of 43 teams are set to take part.

The event will began with an inaugural ceremony with the tournament set to kick off at 9:30am. Group matches will follow till 1pm and after a short prayer break teams will battle it out at the semi finals. A student versus teacher match will take place, after which winning teams from the semi finals will compete in the finals set to take place at 4:30pm. After the finals are wrapped up, the prize giving ceremony will commence followed by fireworks and a concert.

Shoishobe Harai, is the theme song of the tournament, recorded by Aushruto, a Remian band.

The inaugural ceremony will be presided over by Dr Nizamuddin Ahmed, president, ORWA and Brig Gen Asaduzzaman Subhani, principal, DRMC. The prize giving ceremony will be presided over by, Nasrul Hamid Bipu MP, State Minister, Ministry of Power, Energy & Mineral Resources and Arif Khan Joy MP, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Youth & Sports.

Instrument partner is Bangladesh Football Federation, technology and game zone partner Sony-Rangs Ltd, print media partner Dhaka Tribune, radio and nagordola partner Dhaka FM90.4, recording partner Amber Records, kids game show partner 1997-99 batch, concert partner 1993-95 Batch (performer – Vikings, Aushruto, Blue Poppers BD (hip-hop dance group) and the current Remian bands) while the firework partner is Poly Cables Ltd.

Few facts on Coach Salam

In 1973 he was the first Bangladeshi to have a diploma degree from the Institute of Sports, Patela India.

He was outstanding as the coach for back-to-back hockey, football and cricket teams at the Dhaka Residential Model College.

He coached the Bangladesh hockey team, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) team, Bangladesh army hockey team, Dhaka Education Board hockey team and the Bangladesh Agriculture University hockey team.

Under his leadership the Dhaka board team championed the National Youth Hockey in 1977.

In the following year, Bangladesh army hockey team became the runner up at the national hockey championship.

The same year the school team became the inter-city runner up.

He played as the opening batsman in the state cricket team from 1953 till 1965.

He served as the captain till 1964.

He got the chance to be in the national cricket team's camp several times.

He coached Bangladesh national cricket team opposite visiting team Srilanka.

Bangladesh secured the fifth position among 10 teams at the World Youth Cricket Championship held in Malaysia.

He was the selector for the national cricket team and the national hockey team.

Notable Alumni of DRMC

Shawfikul Ghani, a member of the Bangladeshi parliament in 1979, 1986 and 1988. He was the State Minister for Defense, Minister of Civil Aviation and Tourism in 1986, and became a full Minister for Public Works in 1988. Sheikh Jamal, second son of the founding leader of Bangladesh, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and slain brother of the current Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Sheikh Jamal fought for Bangladesh in its war of independence with Pakistan. Leepu Nizamuddin Awlia, a renowned automotive engineer, designer and coachbuilder. Nasrul Hamid Bipu, State Minister, Ministry of Power, Energy & Mineral Resources, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh. Shamsher M Chowdhury, former Foreign Secretary of the Government of Bangladesh. Abdun Nur Tushar, media personality, TV presenter and former president of the Bangladesh Debate Federation. Mohamed Mijarul Quayes, current Foreign Secretary of the Republic of Bangladesh. Dr Nizamuddin Ahmed, noted architect and the president of ORWA. Dr M M Azizur Rahman, noted educationist, electrical engineering professor in USA. Shafiq Alam Mehedi, Secretary of Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation, former chairman of Bangladesh Tourism Corporation Shamim Chowdhury, famous cricket commentator. Habibul Alam Bir Pratik, active member of famous "crack platoon" during the 1971 liberation war. Khaja Rahmatullah, general secretary, Bangladesh Hockey Federation. Sajjadul Alam Bobi, former vice president, Bangladesh Cricket Board. G S Tamim, former general secretary, Bangladesh Cricket Board. Tonmoy Tansen, movie director and vocalist for Vikings, one of the most renowned bands in the country. Salman Shah, style icon and charismatic actor from the 90s.


"I am hoping and anticipating that “Salam Memorial Five–A–Side Inter Batch Football Fest 2015,” the memorial programme to honour and remember our respected teacher Salam sir will be a successful, joyous event. I would like to extend my gratitude to everyone for their immense support."

 Nasrul Hamid Bipu, Honorable State Minister, Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources, People's Republic of Bangladesh



Unified in character, stronger in diversity

Architect Professor Dr Nizamuddin Ahmed

On the occasion of Salam Memorial Remians Inter Batch Football Fest 2015 organised by ORWA, my thoughts meander through the past half century, all the way to my classroom in the junior wing. If it seems like it was only yesterday, it is merely because the mind ages naught with age, but the body does.

Nothing has been moved; my spirits are that strongly resting in the past, except for when I look at the additional floor stacked above. My class IV classroom was located at the northeast corner of the building that even then had the globe, one that was favoured with the first kiss of the rising sun. And yet, despite it all, our world has changed from rupee to taka, from sher to kilo, from carbon to photocopy, from analogue to digital, from exploitation to liberation.

On the playgrounds, we played the same game against the same opposition; the spectators that lined the same ground were no different, nor was the referee or the umpire, and yet the expectations and the elation each time was exorbitant. In defeat we had the same resolution: our next game will be different. Sometimes it was.

We wore the same blue shorts, the same white half shirt, the same navy blue tie with the same Residential Model School logo, the same white socks and the same black shoes; we even shared the same jokes over and over again. Yet we were all blessed by Allah (swt) with different talents. The scholar, the footballer, the cricketer, the hockey star, the debater, the vocalist, the musician, the writer, the poet, the avid reader, the storyteller, the inventor, the organiser, the leader, the comedian, the friend… we all make a batch, we all make a school, we all make the association of REMIANS.

The author is president, Old REMIANS Welfare Association (ORWA)

SSC 1969, Ayub House, Nazrul House,

School Football, Hockey and English Recitation Team,

School Band, Scout, Assistant School Prefect 1968




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