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Internet subscribers cross 5cr landmark

Update : 01 Sep 2015, 07:59 PM

With more than 5 crore internet subscribers, the country’s telecom industry crossed a milestone in the month of July this year.

Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) on Tuesday officially announced that the sector crossed the landmark of 5 crore internet subscribers.

According to BTRC website, the telecommunication industry has made this achievement in July with the increased number of 5.07 crore internet users.

A total of 5.07 million subscribers used internet in the month compared to 4.83 crore at the end of June, 2015.

The number of fixed-line internet users 12.93 lakh in July while the number of Wimax subscribers stand at 1.74 lakh compared to 1.8 lakh a month earlier.

The total number of Bangladesh’s mobile phone subscribers reached 12.87 crore at the end of July 2015, said the telecom watchdog in its website.

Grameenphone led the market with 5.39 crore mobile phone subscribers, compared to 5.31 crore, a month earlier.

Banglalink’s customer base inched up to 1.8 lakh from 3.22 crore while Robi ended June with 2.73 crore, up from 2.79 crore users in July. 

Airtel’s customer base was 87.43 lakh in June and it reached to 90.8 lakh in July.

Customer base of the state-owned Teletalk was 42.16 lakh in June and ended up with 5 thousand more subscribers in July. 

The oldest mobile phone operator Citycell with the lowest subscriber base contains 11.61 lakh subscribers from its earlier 11.87 lakh figure.

The number of Citycell subscribers has been declining for the last couple of months. 

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