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Update : 25 Nov 2016, 06:23 PM

We're almost done with November, and sweater weather is still nowhere in sight. Say what you will, climate change deniers, but this isn't normal.

Even though the days are at least bearable, and the evenings even pleasant, 2016 has been hot enough for us to not want to weather another summer like the one we had this year.

In Heatwave, or Issue 08 of the Shabash comic, brought to you by Mighty Punch Studios, we relive just how bad it was.

The story is set in mid-summer Dhaka, with the mercury at the highest point, and nary a cloud in the sky. Tempers are frayed, and all the heat-related problems, such as power outages, water shortages, and our ever-present traffic jam doesn't do anything to help matters. The anger and frustration of the city's residents flows in waves across the dimensions, waking an ancient evil born of hate. This creature, feeding off the prevailing negativity, like any self-respecting supervillain, begins to wreak havoc with the intention of razing the city to the ground, so that a new order is established. Dhaka's, or perhaps humanity's only hope is Shabash. He's of course aided by his sidekick Kiron and the nutty scientist Keramoti, and another surprise hero reprising his role from a previous issue.

Written by Samir Asran Rahman, who recently released his first YA fantasy novel Zak and Zara, the story has all the quirks and jokes one has come to expect of the Shabash comics. It's really amazing how well he captures the essence of Dhaka life and merges it with the sensibilities of Marvel comics in a way that really works. Fahim Anzoom Rahman and Mosharraf Hussain (Nipu) have done a brilliant job of depicting the intense heat in their visuals.

Shabash #08 is available at KFC, Pizza Hut, Rokomari, all Meena Bazar outlets and PBS bookstores. Don't forget to catch the Mighty Punch crew at Dhaka Comicon!

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