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Good in bed

Update : 25 Jun 2015, 12:35 PM

Parting always hurts. All day long you have thoughts lingering in your mind, wishing you could spend one more hour with her. And then the time comes, you are reunited. Feels like bliss doesn’t it? Such is the love you have, the love for your bed. Although the focal point of every bedroom, when it comes to decking up the beds, we only lay on a good bedspread and we're done with it. Little do we realise the possibilities.

Mix or match

Gone are the days of boring and dull bedding. Invest in striking bold patterns to reflect your personality. If you are fan of understated sophistication, go for whites or pastels. Prints such as ikat and mandala are all people are raving about right now. Tie-dyes have also made a comeback so you can get some for yourself. For a touch of novelty get some galaxy print bedding. You can also glam up your drab bedspreads with some trendy accent cushions and pillows. Cushions do the work of a statement neck-piece, one stunning sequenced or embellished pillow can transform your bed from drab to fab in no time. Your cushions don’t always have to be square or rectangular, experiment with rounded shapes or hearts, etc – the possibilities are endless. Also, your pillows don’t always have to match your bedding. Experiment with contrasts and different styles. Quote pillow cases are a major trend now so DIY some with your favourite quotes and some fabric paint. Tassels have always made a way into the bedding department. Add some tassel adornment to the edges of your bedspread for some extra flair.

Board the headboard

Those box beds most of us have may be functional but lack severely in the looks department. Spruce them up in a breeze with some easy headboard DIYs. Line the wall above your bed with some twinkling fairy lights or some banners to create the illusion of a headboard. For some flower power, use some flower garland as ornamentation. If you are handy with tools make a headboard using cardboard or planks. Channel your inner prepster and hang a faux animal head wall-mount for a glam polish. If you have a love for all things Bohemian, tapestries should be your choice. To increase the glamour quotient up a notch, make yourself a canopy but do it only if you can keep it clean all throughout. You are spoiled with options so wave adios to lackluster beds.

Cozy and comfy

What is the point of a bed that looks great but doesn’t feel inviting? Step one of having a pretty bed should always be thorough cleaning. Dedicate a whole day to cleaning your bed, strip your bed off the bedding and mattress. Air out your mattress in the sun to reduce germs and allergens, sun acts as a natural disinfectant. If that’s not an option just lay out your mattress indoors near a window for a good 5-6 hours or sprinkle some baking soda and vacuum your mattress to minimise any musty odour. Try to wash your bedding and pillow cases once a week for a clean fresh feel. For fluffy hotel-like pillows leave your pillows in the dryer or in the sun or add some extra pillow inserts.

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