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Update : 12 Jun 2015, 10:38 AM

Who doesn’t like a funny person? You will see that these special species of human kind will never seize to amuse you. And remarkably enough, you will start to grow fond of their humour. It goes without saying that it is beyond one’s ability to hate a person with humour.

Here is a list of four types of fun-dozers you may encounter.

The nutcracker

Funny is their forte. Usually, there is comedy in everything they do - how they munch on crackers, how they burp and how they break serious news to you. Although it may seem like there is an overdoze of laughter in the air, you will only want more as their humour will start to grow on you. Their jokes are funny to the extent where you’ll literally roll on the floor and want it to keep coming. These are the folks you want to keep close and chill with every now and then. After-meal hangouts are not recommended since you might as well throw up cracking to their punch lines.

The mocking bird

These super-talented beings have a knack for mocking (well, in the most positive and funny way possible, of course). From Johnny Depp to Mokhles chacha from next door, they can mock ’em all. And their acts are definitely hysterical and harmless. Some are born with the skill while others are self-trained. Most of these people end up hogging the social media limelight on Facebook, Vines, YouTube etc. So appreciate these mockingbirds and don’t feel snubbed by their extremely exaggerated facial expressions and gestures, for they only mean to make you laugh and not offend.

Pun heads

When the funny colleague at your office says, “this printer is called Bob Marley cause it’s always jammin’,” you may squint your eyes and think he is weird but once you do get the pun, this joker has just made an impression. It may take a while to get used to his/her uncanny humour but once you do, you will definitely add him as a friend on social media.

Sarcastic ones

Sarcastic comedians are not always welcomed with arms wide open. However, there are a few who know exactly how to execute their jokes, with a teaspoon of style and intellect, a tablespoon of humour, served with a pinch of sarcasm - this makes for the perfect recipe bowl full of laughter. Now, you may be in denial and hate their guts at first but certainly, their sarcasm will start to grow on you for it not only makes them funny but also very attractive. Many a times will you find their personality strike you. And god forbid if they come with good looks, perhaps you’ve gotten yourself a new crush?

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