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BAU crossbreeding project for Brahman cattle gets off the ground

Update : 26 Feb 2014, 07:33 PM

The scientists of Bangladesh Agricultural University have become successful in crossbreeding Brahman cattle without using any chemical hormones.

The researchers of artificial breeding centre imported a species of American Brahman cattle in 2011.

After a three-year research, they succeeded in crossbreeding local cattle with the Brahman species using an artificial breeding technology.

Previously, the government and non-government organisations had taken initiatives to increase the production of milk.

The crossbreeding of Brahman cattle has been considered the first move to develop cattle population in t he country.

Sources said people’s demand for meat was mostly fulfilled by local livestock, but to fulfill the other big demand, the country had to depend on India.

To overcome the situation, the scientists started to work on a three-year project title “Pranisompod Udbhabonmukhi Gobeshona” funded by the World Bank and the University Grants Commission (UGC).

Under the project, the scientists took initiatives for crossbreeding local cattle with the American Brahman species.

Field Assistant of the breeding centre Yunus Ali said: “Brahman cattle grow up quickly, so farmers have become interested in crossbreeding.”

The farmers said they were hopeful after getting Brahman species of calves because of its rapid growth.

Assistant Professor and PhD student Noni Gopal Shaha said the weight of eight-ten-months-old crossbreed calves became 150-160kg.

Professor Azharul Haque of the Animal Breeding and Genetics Department project said they got over 500 calves through the crossbreeding of 1,500 local cattle with the American Brahman species in last three years.

The Brahman species of calves grew up with such a rapid pace that they gained 1.5kg per day, he added.

Chief scientist and Professor of Animal Science Department Mohammad Mozaffar Hussain said they would take steps to deliver the artificial breeding technology to all farmers soon considering the deficiency of animal protein.

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