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Organic farming brings fortune for women farmers in Faridpur

Many women in the district have been earning good profits by making vermicompost in their houses

Update : 29 Apr 2021, 05:44 PM

Tania Parvin, a poverty-stricken woman farmer of Shovarampur area of Faridpur municipality has become a solvent woman by making vermicompost. 

Like Tania, many women in the district have been earning a good amount of money by making the organic fertiliser in their houses.

Tania started the business in 2017 with the help of the Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE).

"Once I had to take money from my husband to meet the needs of the family, but now I earn Tk 20,000 to Tk 30,000 per month sitting at home from selling vermicompost," said Tania.

According to the Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) in Faridpur district, at least 1300 people, mostly women, are now involved in making vermicompost in nine upazilas of the district.  

Champa Begum, 35, another female farmer from Sadar upazila, said for making vermicompost, they collect plants, tree leaves and cow dung and keep those in a big earthen hole. It rots in 20 to 25 days. It is used as feed for earthworms, and finally vermicompost is made from the earthworms' dung. 

“Now I can make 400 kg of the organic fertiliser per month and help my family with the earnings from it,” she added. 

Vermicompost is being sold at Tk 15 per kg, she also said.

Joynab Begum, 42, another vermicompost producer, said they   have seven cows. After collecting their dung, they place it on a brick-made pool for some days. Then they add earthworms and cover the mixture with gunny bags for 15 days. It is ready for use as compost fertiliser after separation of the earthworms.

Jewel Mallik, a farmer of Sadar upazila, said he achieved a higher yield of gourd this year using vermicompost fertilizer after following Tania’s guidelines. 

“I do not use chemical fertilizers on my land and as a result, the fertility of the land increased after using compost fertiliser,” he added.

Abul Basar, agriculture officer of Faridpur Sadar upazila, said compost fertiliser contains good amounts of key soil nutrients like nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium. It facilitates the production of toxin-free vegetables and crops.

“We are providing necessary suggestions to farmers to make vermicompost,” he added.

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