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Boro harvesting in full swing amid bumper production in Moulvibazar haors

Tea workers were kept at the ready to avoid any labour crisis during the Boro harvest season, said an official at the DAE

Update : 23 Apr 2021, 11:43 AM

Timely rains and minimal pest attacks have resulted in the bumper yields of Boro paddy in Kawadighi, Hakaluki and Baikkabil Hill haors of Moulvibazar, say local farmers.

Farmers are almost halfway through harvesting paddy from these haors and if favourable weather continues, they will be able to complete harvesting within two weeks, say officials at the district Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE),

Local farmers Karim Miya and Meher Ali said they had expanded Boro cultivation this year as they both received fair prices for their paddy last season adding that pesticides and hybrid rice seeds needed to be cheaper.

Similarly, Barik Miya, a farmer from Bhukshimil, said:“After making a decent profit last year from cultivating Boro on five bighas, this year I expanded my Boro cultivation to eight bighas. I am happy with this year’s yield as well.”

Asad Ali of Kurbanpur near the Hakaluki Haor, Abdur Rouf of Gaurkaran, Abdus Samad of Maheshgauri and Jamshed Ali of Sadipur said they have cultivated BR-14, Brri-58, Brri-29 and Bri-28 varieties of paddy. 

They started harvesting paddy from the first of Boishakh on April14 and each harvested 3-4 bighas of paddy till now.

According to the DAE, farmers in Moulvibazar have achieved bumper yields of Boro paddy this yearowing to the favourable weather and minimum level of insect infestation.

Boro was cultivated in 56,345 hectares in the district, which is2,815 hectares more than last year, said official sources.

“Farmers have already completed harvesting 44% of the Boro paddy in the haors. Currently, the weather is favourable.So, it will be possible to complete harvesting 100% of the Boro paddy in the haorsin the next 10 to 15 days if current weather conditions prevail,” said Kazi Lutful Bari, deputy director of DAE in Moulvibazar.

He added that tea workers were kept at the ready to avoid any labour crisis during the Boro harvest season, while, combined harvester and reaper machineswere used to speed up the workat some paddy fields.

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