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Internet service face disruption across country

  • Submarine cable damaged in Singapore
  • Users experiencing sluggish internet
  • Will take a day or two to resolve the issue
Update : 20 Apr 2024, 12:02 PM

The supply of the country's second submarine cable (SMW-5) has been disrupted, causing interruptions in internet services across the nation.

The authorities said the disruption was caused by the damaged submarine cable in Singapore. The outage began early Saturday.

Internet service providers said their customers are complaining about experiencing sluggish internet speed.

The managing director of the state-owned bandwidth provider ’Bangladesh Submarine Cables PLC (BSCPLC), Mirza Kamal Ahmed said: "Through SMW-5, we were providing 1,600gb per second of bandwidth to the country, which is now entirely down. We are trying to arrange alternatives using SMW-4 (the first submarine cable). Due to a fibre cable issue in Singapore, similar situations have arisen in several other countries alongside Bangladesh." 

It will take at least 2 to 3 days to resume the connection, he added.

Currently, there is a demand for around 5,000 units of bandwidth in the country.

Government agencies are supplying more than 6,000 units of bandwidth through submarine cables.

Private companies meet the remaining demand using international terrestrial cables (ITCs).

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