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GYLC, GPSA partner to empower youth leadership in climate-vulnerable nations

  • Pilot phase is set to target youth in Bangladesh, Nepal, Ghana and other countries
  • Primary objective is to expand youth's understanding of climate science
Update : 16 Mar 2024, 12:22 PM

Global Youth Leadership Center (GYLC), an international nonprofit dedicated to empowering youth in climate-vulnerable countries, has joined forces with the World Bank's Global Partnership for Social Accountability (GPSA), a key player in civil society-led social change. 

This collaboration aims to foster youth leadership in climate-vulnerable countries in the Global South through online education focused on climate leadership, green skills, and social accountability.

The pilot phase of the project is set to target youth in Ghana, Cameroon, Namibia, Bangladesh, and Nepal. 

Its primary objectives include expanding the knowledge of participating youth about climate science, building their leadership skills, and engaging them in climate action with a specific focus on climate finance. 

The partnership is especially relevant for both GPSA and GYLC, as GPSA aspires to play a leadership role in empowering civil society supporting youth to have a voice in climate decisions affecting their lives, while GYLC aims to educate Global South youth on holding their national governments accountable for the allocation of loss and damage funds.

Aly Rahim, program manager for GPSA at the World Bank, emphasized the critical role of involving youth leaders in combating climate change. 

He said: "The Global South, facing severe climate challenges, is a wellspring of innovative ideas. However, young leaders often lack access to crucial information and opportunities for engagement. The Green Accountability Youth Initiative (GAYI) strives to empower these leaders, fostering a generation capable of actively contributing to the global climate agenda."

Ejaj Ahmad, founder and CEO of GYLC, shared his vision for GAYI, stating: "The initiative will provide youth with knowledge of climate change, its impacts, and the significance of transparency, accountability, and participation in climate action. Our goal is to equip participants with leadership and advocacy skills to engage in decision-making processes, influence policies, and drive change at local, national, and international levels. We are looking forward to working with GPSA on this initiative."

The collaboration between GYLC and the World Bank’s GPSA marks a significant step towards building a resilient and informed youth population capable of actively participating in addressing the challenges posed by climate change. Together, they aspire to create a lasting impact on the global climate agenda by empowering the leaders of today and tomorrow.

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