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Shaheed Minar premises adorned with colours

  • Preparations underway for International Mother Language Day
  • No security concerns
Update : 20 Feb 2024, 01:46 PM

February 21 is a day of mourning, commemorating the memory of the language movement.

On this day, in tribute to the language martyrs, the central Shaheed Minar premises in the Dhaka University area are transformed with vibrant colours.

Visiting the premises Tuesday morning, it was seen that the five pillars and the altar of the Shaheed Minar are adorned with a spectrum of colours, extending to the surrounding walls.

Simultaneously, various slogans from the language movement and special lines of poetry are being inscribed.

Shubhrat Pal, a former Arts student, shared: "I have been involved in this endeavour for the past eight years. Each year, I prioritize this over my other commitments. It's a gratifying experience to pay homage to the memory of those individuals because of whom we are able to speak our mother tongue."

Artists mentioned that the streets in the Shaheed Minar area will also be painted by Tuesday afternoon.

Sumaiya Sarkar, a university student, expressed: "These paintings are created annually around this time. I always make an effort to participate. I take pride in contributing to this work."

Professor Nisar Hossain, dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, said: "Around 300 people, including teachers and students, took part in decorating Shaheed Minar. The wall painting is now completed, highlighting various aspects, including the language movement and liberation war. Additionally, several projects are underway in the physical education centre, with painting work commencing in the morning. Several teachers and students have also joined these efforts. We hope to complete all preparations before the evening."

In response, Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Commissioner Habibur Rahman assured: "There are no security concerns related to International Mother Language Day and Martyr's Day. Nevertheless, the police have thoroughly analyzed various security threats and implemented measures. Four levels of security will be in place to ensure the smooth execution of all events."

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