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Education Lab Canada Inc provides education services worldwide

  • A part of NJN group
  • Dedicated to empowering students through quality education
Update : 16 Feb 2024, 05:55 PM

Education Lab Canada Inc, a leading university representative, is moving forward with a commitment to enrich and facilitate higher education.

Education Lab Canada Inc is part of the NJN Group. All the companies of NJN Group are already gaining a reputation at the international level, said a press release.

It is a leading international brand in higher education and has been operating in Bangladesh for some time.

With the slogan of “One Unique Destination”, Education Lab provides services for higher education only in UK universities. 

Moreover, it is working with various developed countries and leading universities including the US, Canada, Italy, Sweden, Ireland, Malaysia, Dubai, Singapore,  France, EEU, UK, and Australia.

Education Lab Canada Inc's new brand unveiling reflects the company's commitment to innovation, excellence and global education standards, reads a a press release. 

CEO and Managing Director of Education Lab Canada Inc Md Nur Alam Mia said this institute is not a reflection of our past success but a bold statement about our commitment to shape the future of education. “Our rebranding signals a new era for Education Lab Canada Inc where we continue to strive for excellence and provide unparalleled opportunities for students worldwide.”

He outlined the achievements over the past few years and the strategic vision for the future. 

Education Lab Canada Inc, established initially in Malaysia in August 2018, expanded to Dubai and Singapore before launching its branch in Bangladesh. Despite its recent entry into Bangladesh, the company has already garnered international recognition.

Ceo and Managing Director Md Nur Alam Mia added that Education Lab Canada Inc is dedicated to empowering students through quality education and fostering international collaboration. 

Education Lab Canada Inc is conducting its activities in several countries of the world including Bangladesh.

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