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Frequent road accidents plague Bangabandhu tunnel

Since its inauguration on October 28, the tunnel has witnessed seven to eight accidents

Update : 12 Feb 2024, 12:52 AM

In yet another alarming incident, reckless driving triggered a multi-vehicle collision inside the Bangabandhu Tunnel in Chittagong late on Saturday, causing damage to at least five vehicles and leaving several individuals injured. The crash, which unfolded in one of the tunnel's lanes, highlights the escalating concerns regarding traffic safety in the region.

According to Assistant Sub-Inspector Billal Hossain of the Karnaphuli police station, under the Chittagong Metropolitan Police (CMP), the chain-reaction collision was initiated by a speeding private car that lost control. Subsequently, the car collided with nearby vehicles, involving a total of three private cars and two microbuses.

Following the accident, one of the injured individuals was swiftly transported to Chittagong Medical College Hospital for urgent medical attention, while others sought treatment at various medical facilities. The precise number of casualties remains uncertain at this time.

In response to the incident, authorities seized all vehicles involved as part of an ongoing investigation into the matter.

This latest accident adds to a concerning trend of similar occurrences within the vicinity of the Bangabandhu Tunnel. Since its inauguration on October 28 last year, the tunnel has witnessed seven to eight accidents, raising serious questions about safety measures and traffic regulations enforcement.

The situation was further aggravated by the emergence of an online video depicting illegal car racing inside the tunnel immediately after its opening. Legal action was initiated against the individuals involved, emphasizing the urgent need for enhanced safety protocols and stricter enforcement of traffic laws within this critical infrastructure.

In a separate incident on November 4 last year, a speeding bus collided with a private car inside the Bangabandhu Tunnel, causing significant damage to the car but resulting in minor injuries to its occupant.

Similarly, on October 31, another accident involving a passenger bus and a private car was captured on video, highlighting the reckless behavior of some drivers within the tunnel.

More recently, on January 16, a microbus overturned near the Bangabandhu Tunnel at the Anwara point, injuring several individuals, including a member of the Bangladesh Navy.

Tragically, on November 10, a 35-year-old man lost his life, and 15 others sustained injuries after a passenger bus overturned at the entrance of the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Tunnel in the Patenga area of Chattogram. The incident underscores the urgent need for comprehensive safety measures and strict enforcement of traffic regulations to prevent further tragedies on the roads surrounding the Bangabandhu Tunnel.

Authorities assure the public that necessary actions will be taken to address the recurring road safety challenges in the region.

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