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DU student files sexual harassment complaint against prof

  • Human chain formed
  • Demand enforcement of an anti-sexual harassment cell
Update : 11 Feb 2024, 01:47 PM

A student of Dhaka University has filed a written complaint alleging sexual harassment and prolonged psychological abuse against Prof Naadir Junaid of the university's Mass Communication and Journalism Department.

In the complaint submitted to Proctor Md Maksudur Rahman on Saturday, the student brought a host of allegations, including threatening her in various ways for not accepting his romantic advances, monitoring her through the CCTV camera, continuously calling her at odd hours, and expressing sexual interest.

“He used to make lewd comments about my physical appearance and express sexual tension. At the same time, he used to persuade me to participate in phone conversations of a sexual nature,” she wrote in the complaint. 

During this time, the faculty also talked to her about internal administrative matters of the department such as the department's committee decisions, examination results, and even the conduct of the teachers, she wrote.

The student wrote that she tried to ignore his romantic advances but she could not shut off communication completely fearing repercussions as Prof Naadir holds significant power in the department.

Following the incident, the Dhaka University Chhatra Union organized a human chain at the TSC area of the campus, calling for the swift trial of a sexual harassment complaint.

At the human chain, the Dhaka University Chhatra Union emphasized that cases of sexual harassment within the university are not isolated events. 

They said that Prof Naadir Junaid is not an exception, but rather part of a broader issue rooted within the power dynamics, contributing to a culture of sexual harassment on campuses.

The students also demanded the enforcement of an anti-sexual harassment cell. 

Earlier on February 7, postgraduate students of the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism made allegations that Professor Naadir deliberately had assigned low grades in a course as an act of personal vendetta.

Since then, both current students and alumni of the department have been actively talking about the matter on social media platforms. 

In conversations with students from the department, it was found that they are set to initiate a class boycott starting Sunday. 

“We want a thorough investigation. Expressing solidarity with our seniors, including teachers, we demand a fair investigation into all the ongoing incidents. We are boycotting all classes and exams.” said Ridwan Al Hassan, a second-year student of the department. 

In response to inquiries, Professor Naadir Junaid stated to the media: "I've been aware of rumors circulating in the last few days regarding the allegations, and the timing is odd. As of now, the university administration has not reached out to me, and therefore, I am unable to provide additional comments on this matter."

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